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Flakes: Is Nebraska Football Fan Interest At An All Time Low?

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of life around these parts.

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Jon Johnston

15 years.

I’m not one that counts things. I don’t count the number of podcast episodes I’ve done. I don’t count the number of words I’ve written over my life time. I don’t keep track of how much water I drink daily.

Some people do. They can announce their 100th episode with glee. They can do a special blog post that they’ve written one million words.

I tend to just blow by these things without giving it too much thought.

However, I am pretty sure this August it will be 15 years for me running CornNation. It hasn’t been the best 15 years of Nebraska football ever. Maybe it’s my fault the we’ve mostly sucked the past 15 years.

I can say with some certainty that Nebraska football fan interest has never been this low. I’m not 100% certain. I’m not even looking at web traffic when I say that. There is a very high “don’t give a shit” attitude about this program right now.

I want to say it’s just another June, but it’s not. Either Nebraska football fans really don’t care or they are waiting for “Show Me” from Scott Frost. I believe it’s the latter.

I am excited about this football team. Predictions are starting to come out and Nebraska is going to get placed at around six wins. A minor bowl game. That’s where I would put us, although in August I’ll get all excited from Kook-Aid and put us at 10-2.

I believe we are getting the right pieces in place. We have a defense and players you are excited about on defense. We have so much potential on offense you’d think it would explode this fall, but YOU’VE HEARD THAT BEFORE HAVEN’T YOU?

I’ve probably asked this a few times, but I’d like to know where you’re at. I’m guessing you’re at “Scott Frost better show me something”. Am I right?

Leave some comments. I’m lonely. I still work at home all of the time.

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Taylor Martinez will be back in starting form this fall

Adrian? Taylor? Adrian? Taylor?

I am looking forward to an excellent season from Adrian. Or Taylor. I am the eternal optimist who is always disappointed. You know that.

Would you rather Taylor were back in place of Adrian?

Here is an Hour

Of a lawyer dude talking about the NCAA and the Alston case. I tried to listen to some of this. I am not a lawyer. I’m not going to pretend to be a lawyer. Perhaps all y’all lawyers could translate some of this into regular Joe-Guy English.

He does say, in legal terms, “this case is a banger”. I did not know lawyers used such terms.

I don’t think we realize how huge this is going to be going forward. There’s a saying that’s current in style (for me, perhaps no one else) that says, “There is nothing more powerful than an idea who’s time has come.”

Well, the time for NIL has come. The time for the “student athlete = amateurism” concept to die has come. Whatever college sports becomes, we’re going to see as it goes through a pretty huge transformation in the next, oh, decade.

If you’re old, you’re going to say, “This will destroy college sports as we know it” because you hate change.

If you’re young, you’re going to say, “This will destroy college sports as we know it” and smile, because you don’t hate change as much as old people and have no established traditions you hold dear. You think you do, but you don’t. Those traditions were made up before you were born and most of the time you’ve probably accepted them.

Then There’s This

You could say he’s thinking too much, but OTOH, you could say he’s the only person that thought about this, verbalized it, then put it on social media.

What Beast Would You Be?

This is... probably going to be a huge hit. I have no idea why, but people seem to like watching shows like The Masked Singer.

This should give you hope. You can come up with the most batshit insane idea for a television show and Netflix might consider it, especially if it’s cheap like this.

Why Do I remember this?

I have no idea why Joe Zweiback came into my head. I have little idea why I remember this guy. It’s associated with wrestling? I am not sure, but as it goes, my memory is somewhat exploded.

Tell me why you might remember this.