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Frosted Flakes: Heat Domes, Recruiting and Vanilla from Plastic

The US Olympic team is starting to take shape after another weekend of trials are complete

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This is what it has felt like in Nebraska for the past two weeks.
Photo by PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images

We’re getting a one-day respite from the “heat dome” here in upper Nebraska. After 2+ weeks of temperatures in the 90s (and day over 100) we get to enjoy a 75 degree day.

After today, it is back to the heat dome.

Things seem to be warming up for the Huskers on the recruiting front as well. Nebraska got a wide receiver commit and kept a hometown kid in the fold yesterday. After all this time having to do virtual visits and try to maintain long distance relationships with recruits, the coaching staff seems to be going full steam ahead.

After the silliness surrounding someone’s interpretation of a comment by Scott Frost last week (see clipping below), it is good to be back to speculating on the whims of teenagers. Or at least, it is good to be focusing on real football-related stuff. Frost has become very unlikable by other fan bases and it isn’t hard to see why. The only way out is to finally start winning games.

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Frosted Flakes

‘Jaylen knows everyone’: How NU volleyball recruiting coordinator Jaylen Reyes keeps Huskers stocked | Sports |
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Touted 2024 QB Dylan Raiola shines at FNL; Huskers offer Iowa 2023 DB McBride | National Sports |
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Photos: Huskers host high school linemen for Adidas-sponsored “Pipeline” camp | Football |
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Schwellenbach earns a First-Team All-American nod | KHGI
Spencer Schwellenbach added to his impressive haul of postseason awards on Saturday morning, as he was named a First-Team ABCA/Rawlings All-American.

A former Husker got some notice this weekend...

Sportsin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

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More Noise and Other Disturbances

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Another Week - Another Poop Article

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Then There’s This

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