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Friday Flakes: Twitter Makes the Jobs of “Bag Men” Easier

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Art Russia Fair in Moscow Photo by Sergei Savostyanov\TASS via Getty Images

There are two types of people.

The first type makes up the overwhelming percentage of humanity that are good people who strive to provide for their friends, family and/or community in various ways. They try to improve their lot in life and by doing so they help others.

The second type can be found on twitter.

With that all said, twitter announced today that you can now “tip” people who are on twitter. Do you know who also is on twitter? Five star recruits.

Do you know who will now be signing up for twitter if they have not already? The notorious bag men of various universities.

Now they no longer will need to carry the huge bags of cash. They can now easily transfer money through twitter. I wonder if twitter is going to be reporting these “tips” as income for the twitter user and thus the recruit would have to report it on their tax return?

Will the NCAA be able to require access to tax returns when a recruit signs his/her letter of intent?

If twitter doesn’t report anything, then watch out.

I miss the days when bag men used physical bags of physical cash and physically handed it to players. Those were the good ole days.

Sports! Sports! Sports! Sports!

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