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Nebraska Baseball vs Rutgers: A Series Loss in Photos

It was a lot of fun, but not so much winning.

Jon Johnston

A little late, but here’s your photo gallery of last week’s series against Rutgers. We get them again this weekend, so there’s a chance for revenge.

Everyone in the Big Ten has fun with rutger and how bad they are across sports, but their baseball fortunes might be changing with the hiring of Steve Owens. They are in process of raising money to build a new baseball facility, so they are yet another Big Ten team raising the stakes. Now if the conference could only get Penn State to move off their RPI-anchoring ass and make changes.

#3 - Haymarket Park is such a beautiful place for baseball. It was awesome to be at a venue where fans were welcomed back.

#4 - The winning run. That dude knew it the moment he slid across home plate.

#24-28 - Joe Acker’s inside the park home run sequence. Acker turned toward the Rutgers dugout and continued screaming instead of turning towards his Nebraska teammates. This drew the ire of Rutgers head coach Steve Owens and resulted in both teams being warned. I have since heard from another baseball dude who covered Owens at Bryant and said he loves to argue with umps.

#107 - 108 - Mojo Hagge waiting at third for someone to bring him home. They did not. #108 is him standing on home plate as the game has finished, contemplating life. Or baseball. Either way, it was not a good series for Nebraska.

For some reason I am missing shots in this, but after more than a decade of complaining about how terrible it is to upload photos on an SBNation site, not much has changed. Duplicates appear. Other photos go missing. DAMMIT.

Honestly... I struggled with exposure. I am out of practice. I need to do more. OTOH, Nebraska got swept at home and this was the first time I was back at Haymarket since I’ve been dead. Who’s to blame for this? Shit, maybe it is me. I know something for certain.

I thought - if Nebraska gets a regional, I’d like to get back and shoot some more. Uh, no. If we play ourselves into a regional I AM NOT TAKING THE CHANCE THAT I WILL BRING BAD JUJU TO HAYMARKET.