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Nebraska Football Spring Game: Photo Gallery !

It was a great day to be a Husker!

Jon Johnston

I had an exceptional time at the Nebraska spring game this past weekend. I wasn’t as worried about watching great football as much as I had the desire to be around tons of Nebraska football fans. I have spent more than a year without being around crowds of sports fans and perhaps like many of you, I missed it a great deal.

Between the spring game and the baseball series against Rutgers, the crowds were incredible. The introduction from Scott Frost welcoming fans back to Memorial Stadium gave me goosebumps. It was beautiful, man!

Here are some notes on the photos:

#2 I didn’t realize Marquel Dismuke was giving me this kind of look until post-processing much later. I’m not sure if he’s wondering why my hair is so terrible, who let me onto the field, or he’s discovered I have mentioned he leads with his head a lot when tackling. Had I had looked earlier, I’d probably be dead.

#8 - Marvin Scott III - people keep talking about our backs as if we don’t have any and we’re waiting for Stepp to appear and be a saviour in the fall. What bullshit. We have plenty of backs. Scott can be a very decent back if our offensive line isn’t terrible.

#9 Logan Smothers. I was disappointed with my shots of him. I will admit I was somewhat disappointed in his appearance, but what can you really tell from a spring practice. If there was one positive thought I had about him, it’s a nickname. “Mr. Improv”. I can see this guy making plays out of nothing. That might come in handy this season.

#14 Isn’t this cute? What a cute kid. She was precious.

#15 I really tried to get a lot more photos of Frost, but the sun shadow was harsh, and he spends a lot of time looking down. Or away. I think he hates me. Again, it’s probably the hair.

#22 Mario Verduzco - I thought he looked stylish. He was constantly writing in a little notebook. (I have those photos for later.) I hope like hell our quarterback room works out well because he’s an interesting guy and I hope he sticks around Nebraska forever.

#23 - Heinrich Haarberg - looked very raw to me. Very athletic. Very.... well, put it this way. Frost said about Luke McCaffrey, “he’s the future”. Frost was wrong. I have a feeling that Haarberg is going to turn some heads. Not this year, perhaps, but in the next couple.

#26 - The position Martinez is in looks vaguely familiar.

#29 Adrian Martinez explaining to Omar Manning how large a panfish has to be to be legally kept when fishing in Nebraska.

#30 Adrian explaning to Omar how he likes to stick his hand out the window when he’s driving and make airplane noises. I hope someone talks to Adrian about this. Lessen the chances that guy gets injured by ANYTHING.