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Nebraska Baseball Heads To Arkansas Regional To Face #1 Overall Seed Razorbacks

Dave Van Horn here we come?

I can’t think of a better photo than this.
Jon Johnston

Nebraska heads to the Fayetteville regional as a #2 seed. The #1 seed is Arkansas, who is the #1 overall national seed.

Below is the Arkansas Regional. It’s hard to believe this is the selection.

Maryland to Greenville

Maryland, who finished #2 in the Big Ten, will head to the Greenville regional as a #3 seed. The regional includes #1 Eastern Carolina, #2 Charlotte, #3 Maryland, and #4 Norfolk State.

Michigan To Notre Dame


Nebraska’s selection to Arkansas doesn’t make much sense. It doesn’t make much sense for the Razorbacks either, as the Huskers are a pretty decent team. I’m sure they would have rather faced Maryland.

The twitter reaction is as you would expect:

Will Bolt’s comment:


Okay, so Maryland and Michigan have an easier road to Omaha. It’s as if it might have been better to not have won the Big Ten.

Do you think they paired Nebraska with Arkansas because of the Dave Van Horn story line? Did they clearly punish the Big Ten for not playing a non-conference schedule? Or is this about logistics?

I’d love to see the discussion.

Coach Bolt’s Reaction: