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Frosted Flakes: We Are the Champions!

So are Phil Mickelson and Simon Biles. But Ryan Fitzpatrick could be in for a dubious honor.

Jon Johnston

The Husker baseball team has won the Big Ten championship for the second time in five years. In his second year at the helm, Will Bolt’s ‘gritty beats pretty’ mantra broke through and elevated his team to a title.

I made a somewhat tongue-in-cheek remark to the other CN staff that Bolt might be Moos’ best hire. I guess I wasn’t the only who let their mind wander in that direction.

Do I agree with the above tweet?


It may be easy to look at the lack of success for Scott Frost and the football team and make this conclusion, but it is a lazy take.

Bolt is managing a roster of around 40 players while Frost is managing a roster of more than 140 players. Scott Frost got thrown into a steaming pile of a program that was reeling from the toxicity of the Pelini years and incompetence of the Riley years. Looking back, it is easy to see he was overconfident coming in, but he has pinned his ears back and the signs of progress are there.

Will Bolt inherited a team that was a whisper away from making a super regional. There was no rebuild needed. It was a roster that benefitted from some players coming back for their extra year and got a shot in the arm from some talented freshman out of the gate. Bolt’s more aggressive approach to offense made this team fun to follow in addition to winning games.

I’m glad both are Huskers.

Now, we wait with baited breath while Texas A&M starts making phone calls to fill their baseball opening.T

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Frosted Flakes

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Sportsin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

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Staying off social media is good for umpires. Maybe it would be for the rest of us too.

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More Noise and Other Disturbances

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Then There’s This

Wow. Just wow.

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You know what is scarier than someone thinking this could work? It actually did work.