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Join Me For the Virtual BTN 10K And Represent Nebraska!

Maybe this year she’ll be a Nebraska supporter.
Jon Johnston

It’s time to sign up for the virtual BTN 10k!

Mrs. CN and I did the BTN 10K for the first time last year. She had talked about going to Chicago to run in the actual race over the years, but the event date never fit in with her schedule.

Last year it became a “virtual” event, meaning you can do a 5k or 10k from anywhere you are. You submit your time via the internet and people all over the world congratulate you on not sitting on your ass all of the time.

Now that it’s virtual, there’s no excuse for not participating. You can sign up, represent our beloved University of Nebraska, and show off your times to your fellow Big Ten Conference mates. Plus, it’s a meager $20 to participate, you get a shirt that’s kind of cool, and this year a “Big Ten-branded workout towel.” You can’t even buy t-shirts online for $20.

Mrs. CN and I plan on doing this again this summer and I want to encourage other Nebraskans to join with us. Race week is July 25th-31st.

The deadline for signing up is June 20th. It’s not really a deadline, but the web site says to register by that date to make sure your packet arrives in mid-July before race week. I’m obviously early with this post of encouragement, but I am trying to inspire you to get off your butt now and start getting in shape so you can do a 5k or 10k when the time comes.

When race time comes we can all compare how we did!

Is this a competition?



This pandemic appears to be nearing its end.

I hope event organizers have learned they can involve more people if an event doesn’t have to be a place or a specific time. I hope that the BTN 10K event stays virtual. Its location at Chicago and its specific time make it impossible for Heidi and I to participate every year. It should be a combination event. People who want to go to Chicago could still do so. People who want to walk on their own trails or with their own family or communities could do so as well.

If you got healthier during this pandemic than here’s a chance for you to strut your stuff. If you didn’t, it’s time to get off your ass and take care of yourself. We want you to stick around so we can sell you things, or at least have you comment on our website.

I am up in the air as to whether or not I actually got healthier. I quit drinking over a year ago and in doing so, stopped destroying my relationship with my family (where it involves alcohol), maybe even my friends. I’ve tried to stay in shape by walking or exercising.

But this past week brought potential bad news.

More here, on my personal web site because I want it to grow and some things don’t belong here on CN:

When Faced With Uncertainty, Remember The Serenity Prayer

Bottom line... I plan on doing the BTN 10k with all y’all. Life might have other plans.

I did this bit on Youtube about my trip back to Haymarket Park. It is about what it’s like to have a brain injury. Haymarket Park was a place that was a memory black hole to me, and I took the opportunity to talk about what that means.

I seriously hope you’ll join us.

You’ve witnessed drunk ass Jon on this web site for years. Maybe join me in trying to stay in shape, so I can still be around to torment our opponents for a long time to come.