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Nebraska Football - Results of Spring Testing: Phalen Sanford Strength Index

Phalen Sanford is now 3 for 3 on these spring results

Minnesota v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

We will try and update this throughout the week as they release more of the testing information. First up was the vertical jump. Second was the pro agility. Today was the 10-yard split.

Going back to the old tradition of publishing testing results for the Nebraska Football program, the Huskers have started this week by explaining the process that they go through. I could wax poetic about it, or I could simply let Boyd Epley do it himself.

Now, I present to you the Top 10 in the 10 Yard Split.

  1. Phalen Sanford, DB, 200 pounds - 1.51 seconds
  2. Noa Pola-Gates, DB, 175 pounds - 1.56 seconds
  3. Cam Taylor-Britt, DB, 198 pounds - 1.57 seconds
  4. Deontai Williams, DB, 203 pounds - 1.57 seconds
  5. Logan Smothers, QB, 195 pounds - 1.58 seconds
  6. Luke Reimer, LB, 224 pounds - 1.59 seconds
  7. Marvin Scott III, RB, 207 pounds - 1.59 seconds
  8. Grant Tagge, LB, 200 pounds - 1.59 seconds
  9. Oliver Martin, WR, 200 pounds - 1.59 seconds
  10. JoJo Domann, DB/OLB, 237.5 pounds - 1.6 seconds

That makes it three for three for Phalen Sanford, Deontai Williams, Oliver Martin and JoJo Domann. Those players were all in the Top 10 for the vertical jump, the pro agility and now the 10-yard split.

The fact that JoJo Domann is making these lists and is almost 240 pounds is impressive.

We have heard about the running ability of Logan Smothers, and it looks like he’s one of the most explosive players on the team.

I was surprised to see Marvin Scott III on the list but then again I haven’t seen him much on the field since he has been here. He may show us some most of that burst this fall.

Again...what should be concerning for Nebraska is that their 290 pounds starting center could only crack the top 10 in the vertical jump at 34.5 inches and didn’t appear to even get a sniff at the top 10 in pro agility or the 10-yard split. Scott Frost should probably be looking at replacing Cam Jurgens at this point!*