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Nebraska Football - Results of Spring Test: Deontai Williams Wins the Pro Agility

Yesterday is was the vertical jump and today Nebraska releases the best in the program at the pro agility.

Nebraska v Ohio State Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

We will try and update this throughout the week as they release more of the testing information. First up was the vertical jump. Today is the pro agility.

Going back to the old tradition of publishing testing results for the Nebraska Football program, the Huskers have started this week by explaining the process that they go through. I could wax poetic about it, or I could simply let Boyd Epley do it himself.

The thought entered my mind this afternoon. I was wondering what spring testing information they were going to release today and it turns out they released it seven minutes before I had a chance to look.

I present to you, the Top 10 in the Pro Agility.

  1. Deontai Williams, DB, 203 pounds - 3.75 seconds
  2. Wyatt Liewer, WR, 188.5 pounds - 3.77 seconds
  3. Adrian Martinez, QB, 213 pounds - 3.83 seconds
  4. Phalen Sanford, DB, 200 pounds - 3.92 seconds
  5. Elliott Brown, WR , 181 pounds - 3.95 seconds
  6. Oliver Martin, WR, 200 pounds - 3.95 seconds
  7. JoJo Domann, OLB-DB, 237.5 pounds - 3.97 seconds
  8. Brody Belt, WR, 186 pounds - 3.98 seconds
  9. Cam Taylor-Britt, DB, 198 pounds - 3.98 seconds
  10. Nick Leader, OLB, 209 pounds - 3.99 seconds

Well it’s safe to say I was not surprised to see Deontai Williams at the top of this list. We have heard he was one of the best athletes on the team. Then Nebraska released the top 10 vertical jumps and he was 10th. I thought, well that seems to be a little low for one of the best athletes on the team.

Then he goes and wins the pro agility and then you go like, “there ya go. That’s it.”

Phalen Sanford, Oliver Martin and JoJo Domann make their second list as they both were in the Top 10 vertical, where Oliver Martin took home the gold with a 40 inch vertical.

A little bit of a surprise was to see Adrian Martinez on the list and to be 3rd. Especially at 213 pounds. People said they thought he looked a step faster during the spring game. I thought he looked several steps faster. This appears to confirm what we think we saw. I would be surprised if he would have cracked the top 10 in the pro agility over the last two years.

Our NFL Draft expert, Brian Johannes, informed me that the NFL combine average for the pro agility, or short shuttle, this last year was 4.22 seconds. This obviously would include offensive and defensive linemen but it’s there nonetheless for your reference.

What should be concerning for Nebraska is that their 290 pounds starting center could only crack the top 10 in the vertical jump and didn’t appear to even get a sniff at the top 10 in pro agility. Scott Frost should probably be looking at replacing Cam Jurgens at this point.