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BONUS Five Heart Podcast (Episode 227): Hoss Gets Mental!

The Great Hoss returns to put some of his high falootin’ book learnin’ to use. 

On this very special episode of the Five Heart Podcast, HOSS FREAKIN’ REUTER IS BACK! He’s taken some time away from the show because he’s in a Masters program. But he took a little time to talk with me about some of the mental obstacles that have plagued the Huskers in the last, say...20 years.

That’s right, 20. November 23, 2001, to be exact. The date that, according to Hoss, stripped away any and all mystique around the Husker football program. Since then, Hoss claims, the Huskers have had a self-efficacy deficit.

What does that mean? We find out. And we learn about proximal goals (“aim small, miss small”), and two words that Hoss has been harping on for so long that we almost put it on a t-shirt...incremental improvement.

This is a solid episode and we hope to have more Hoss going forward, at least as his schedule will allow.