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Frosted Flakes: Wide Receiver Exodus, Monday Baseball and Rotten Meat

Just because you can eat something, doesn’t mean you should

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Jon Johnston

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day weekend. There were also a lot of graduations, university and high school. There is much to celebrate all around us!

Ranchhands 1 and 2 are done with their finals and #2 is moving back home for the summer. #1 is going to remain a full time student this summer. I’m impressed he is working so hard to make up some lost time after he changed majors. It was a good change. He went from being noticeably stressed and unhappy to making the dean’s list.

Seeing your kid happy is something every mother treasures.

We’ve also got bonus baseball today as the Huskers finish out their four game pod against Rutgers this morning. With a win, the Huskers will go 3-1 on the weekend but a loss will mean 2-2. After last weeken’d dismal performance, I went into the weekend thinking that 2-2 would be good enough. Now, I’m back to being a greedy fan and want to see another resounding win.

Go Big Red!

Frosted Flakes

Changing The Narrative - University of Nebraska
I've always been an underdog. Growing up as an inner-city kid, the standard was just graduating from high school for people of my color.

All-Americans Lead 78 Husker Graduates - University of Nebraska
A total of 78 Husker student-athletes earned degrees during the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's commencement ceremonies this weekend, with graduate commencement

Iowa softball’s defense shines in doubleheader sweep over Nebraska | Sports |
Iowa’s defense got the best of the Nebraska softball team on Sunday. The Hawkeyes won the first game of the doubleheader 6-1 and took the second game 4-1 to complete

Nebraska launches ‘beef passport’ program for meat eating
Nebraska launches ‘beef passport’ program for meat eating

I hope this passport doesn’t include any credit for eating meat like described in the “Then There’s This” section below.

Domann came back with mission to help Huskers return to winning ways
When the football season ended, and decision season began, various Husker seniors met at JoJo Domann’s residence to talk over the...

Nebraska Huskers Wide Receiver Enters Transfer Portal
A Nebraska Huskers wide receiver announced on Sunday afternoon that he has decided to enter the NCAA transfer portal.

All of the wide receivers from the 2019 recruiting class have now left the program.

Sportsin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

Inside the mysterious world of missing sports memorabilia
Some of the most treasured pieces of sports memorabilia are missing, can’t be authenticated or... currently reside on the moon. A look at those mysterious historic items — and what they’d be worth in a red-hot sports memorabilia market.

Michigan, LSU, Texas football look to rebound in 2021 - Sports Illustrated
Can these seven powerhouse college football programs bounce back from their 2020 disappointments?

Derby winner Medina Spirit fails postrace drug test; Bob Baffert banned at Churchill Downs
Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit failed a postrace drug test, news that trainer Bob Baffert called “the biggest gut punch.” Churchill Downs has suspended Baffert from entering horses at the track.

Here’s a look at every Big Ten team’s football record since 2015.
What’s more frustrating, however, is the fact three other Big Ten programs outside of Ohio State now own a better record than Michigan over the last six years — Wisconsin, Iowa and Penn State.

Freddie Freeman homers for wife during Braves’ Mother’s Day game
Braves star Freddie Freeman wanted to hit a home run for his wife on Mother’s Day. He did during the third inning of the game against the Phillies.

Sam Darnold tried to draw the Panthers’ logo, and created a haunted slug -
A simple drawing has become a meme.

Not Sports. Sorry Not Sorry

Farmer moves border stone for tractor – and makes Belgium bigger | Belgium | The Guardian
French farmer could theoretically face criminal charges for moving 200-year-old marker<br>

142-year-old Seed Experiment Continues to Amaze | HowStuffWorks
How long can seeds last underground and still be capable of germinating? One botanist set out to discover this 142 years ago, and his experiment is still running.

Giant sequoia found still smoldering after 2020 California wildfire | California | The Guardian
Charred tree – which may be thousands of years old – looks like chimney spouting smoke in national forest

How a Tiny Island Saved an Entire Species From Extinction | Reader's Digest
The Seychelles magpie robin was nearly extinct, with just 12 remaining on one island in the Indian Ocean. Then something amazing happened.

Artist creates unique skatepark that looks like a frying pan full of bacon and eggs - Mirror Online
An artist has created a skatepark that looks like a frying pan complete with bacon and eggs, and it has now been opened to the public as daredevils fly off the tasty looking concrete

How many bubbles are in a glass of beer? | Live Science
Beer's effervescence affects its flavor.

I’ve never thought to count...

Poop Article of this Week

Llama poop is in high demand
A llama and alpaca farm in the Bitterroot is selling bags of manure left and right.

Then There’s This

Some People Are Eating Raw, Rotten “High Meat” Left To Decompose For Months | IFLScience
Most people would throw rotting meat away, but some believe that this is the perfect point to chow down. That’s right, some people are eating full-on rotten...

This is right up there with “raw water” in the trying-stuff-to-get-attention world.