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Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! NFL Draft, Spring Game, and Baseball Open Thread

It is a full day of Husker sports!

Jon Johnston

There’s all kinds of stuff going on today.

The NFL Draft (rounds 4-7) start at 11 am central. We expect to see Brendan Jaimes find his new football home. Will other Huskers hear their name called?

The Red-White Spring Game starts at 1 pm central. Who will become the new fan favorite - only to never be heard from ever again?

It’s also Derby day! The Kentucky Derby returns to its normal first-Saturday-in-May time slot after being moved to a later date in 2020. Get your fancy hats and mint julep cups ready!

Last, but not least, the baseball team has to lick their wounds and try to get back on the winning side of the column against a Rutgers team that is feeling their oats after winning three of their past four games against the top two teams in the conference. First pitch is scheduled for 4 pm.

In the middle of all that, the softball team, who won both games of the double header vs Maryland yesterday, will meet the Terps again (3 pm CDT).

We’ve got lots to cheer for!