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Five Heart Podcast Episode 222: NCAA’s Volleyball Embarrassment, How to Be Disciplined in Football

It simply does not get it.

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NCAA Basketball: Bluegrass Showcase-Morehead State at Kentucky Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports

Jon, Todd, and Nate get together this week as Greg is out again.

The three of us discuss:

  • The NCAA’s latest mess - the women’s Volleyball tournament. There are to be no broadcast crews for the first two rounds of the tournaments. There are to be no locker rooms for the teams until the Elite Eight. The floors are said to be of questionable safety.
  • Jon goes on a rant (shocking!) about how the NCAA is a giant money-laundering scheme.
  • Jason Peter and Jay Foreman are involved in Husker practices. Is this a good thing? What possible purpose could they serve?
  • This leads to a long discussion of discipline. Nebraska has had a discipline issue for a very long time. How will this get fixed?
  • Is discipline a matter of experience? (Note that over the past couple years, transfers have been captains, rather than guys who have been around for years.)
  • Nate brings up the phrase, “GET OLD, STAY OLD” at which Jon takes personal offense.
  • Is discipline a matter of focus?

Jon has a book out!

On August 21st, 2015, Jon unexpectedly dropped dead of a widowmaker heart attack. He was shocked five times on the way to the hospital with no response. He was shocked two more times in the ER. He was dead for over 20 minutes. A stent was placed, and he was induced into a coma. In January 2016 he received a second stent and in June he was diagnosed with an anoxic brain injury.

Jon wrote a book about his death and recovery. The title, “Been Dead, Never Been To Europe” reflects the ironic nature of life, what happens versus what we want to happen. It’s available at Amazon in Kindle and Paperback.

Consider signing up for his newsletter, which is about Jon and his interests beyond Cornhuskers sports.

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