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Of Bangarangs & Daggers Episode #67

We wax poetic about the end of the Nebrasketball season

NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Conference Tournament- Nebraska vs Penn State Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

In this weeks episode our fearless heroes discuss the end of the Nebrasketball season, the NCAA Tournament, basketball scheduling, the weather, Micronesia, the musty smell of the platypus, Rickey Gervais, indoor plumbing in Vermont, post workout Crossfit drinks, Pete, scarves on middle aged ski instructors, ham, the failure of Gibson in the 21st century and why it went bankrupt, cranes, when is it too cold to take the top down in a convertible, the band ‘68, chances of seeing Bill Self in and Arby’s, long winded business cards, Georgia (the country not the state, never the state), mustard packets, aliens who are handsome, rocking horses, & why neither of us know how to play dominos.

We hope you enjoy this episode and come back for more when your time allows and our time allows us to make one.

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