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National Championship Game Thread

A bear and a bulldog walk into a bar...

NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament - Final Four - UCLA v Gonzaga Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

National Championship Gonzaga Vs. Baylor Game Thread

Time: 8:20pm CST

Location: Indianapolis, IN


Streaming: March Madness Live

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Congratulations, you have all made it to the end of the NCAA basketball season, COVID edition.

This year as seen many ups and downs for the sport on and off the court. You had teams to had to postpone games due to outbreaks. On the other side you had teams that did not have a current outbreak and had to deal with those postponements.

Teams were taken out of action for weeks at a time. Many of these coaches, players, and personnel spent the entire season away from friends and loved ones. Just to make sure they did not get COVID and spread it to the team.

But hey, here we are.

The undefeated Gonzaga Bulldogs will take on the Baylor Bears for the national championship tonight in Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. Yep, a football venue will serve for the finale.

So sit back and enjoy the last bit of college basketball you will see until next season. We are glad you we with us for this ride and look forward to the next one.