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Friday Flakes: A Glimpse At What Will Be Nebraska’s New Football Facility

A little sneak peak on a Friday

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Nebraska v Rutgers Photo by Benjamin Solomon/Getty Images

Today at 3:30 will be the breaking of the ground, or groundbreaking, for Nebraska football’s North Stadium expansion and the new facility.

The twitter account was kind enough to tweet out some pictures of what they plan on building.

What do you think?

Should be done by 2023.

Big News For Nebraska

Nebraska needs wins this season. More than ever. Or at least it feel like it.

If you looked at the schedule and simply chalked the game against Buffalo as a win then you’d be mistaken. They are a good football and easily could have come in to Memorial Stadium and beat Nebraska.

So when they lose their head coach at this time of year it can only help Nebraska. Though they might just hire one of his assistants and everything will go on smoothly.

Nebraska will need to get it’s wins wherever it can. So I think this is big news.


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