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The Counter Bootleg Episode 11 - Are Nebraska Fans Actually Living in the 90’s?

No. No, they aren’t.

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(Disclaimer: This was recorded about six hours before Bill Moos made the comment, on Sports Nightly, that 8-9 wins would be a success. While this may differ from I say in the podcast I don’t think it contradicts the main point.)

As of now I’m sure you heard it but another sports media personality, not an expert, (Paul Finebaum) said that Nebraska fans are still living in the glorious 90s. Here is the quote.

As I say in the podcast, I think Paul Finebaum is an uniformed troll who is a broken clock. He knows that he’s a troll and he knows Nebraska fans will respond. He also isn’t wrong about the fanbase. It’s the best and worst part of Nebraska football.

With that said, I think it’s lazy to continue to make the “living in the 90’s” comment regarding Nebraska football. This is particularly true after the past decade.

Please give it a listen.

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(Editor’s note - Paul Finebaum’s a piece of shit. - GM)