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Frosted Flakes: Air Conditioning, Cam Wants to Stay On The Field, and Misty Mountains

What type of air conditioner person are you?

Nebraska v Rutgers Photo by Benjamin Solomon/Getty Images

There are three types of air conditioner people:

  1. The people that wait until it is nearly July and opening their windows just won’t cut it so they finally turn it on.
  2. The people that turn it on for super hot days (i.e. yesterday) but quickly shut it off again until it is regularly above 77 outside.
  3. The people who turn on their air at the first sign of warmth and never shut it off until winter.

I am the second. When I got home after work yesterday, I had to kick the air conditioner on. My house was 78 and it was too hot to be comfortable.

My parents are the first one. They aren’t kicking that air conditioner on until they have to. And even then, let’s not get too generous with the temperature. To be fair, they’ve probably only had air condition for twenty years. They had grown accustom to not having it.

My mother in law is the third. She likes to kick that air on as soon as her house gets over 70.

What type of air conditioner person are you?

Here are you flakes.


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