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Thor Leaving Nebraska Basketball

Wherever he goes, he’ll be a winner.

Jon Johnston

Thorir Thorbjarnarson has announced he’s leaving Nebraska basketball to pursue a pro career.

I’m not going to detail Thor’s career at Nebraska. Our beloved Huskers didn’t win a boat load of games during his tenure, but that’s not what’s important.

What’s important is that he stayed. In a time, particularly in NCAA men’s basketball, that players transfer on a whim, Thor remained at Nebraska for four years.

His first coach was fired and all his teammates left. His first season under Fred Hoiberg wasn’t pleasant, featured many losses, and again, almost all his teammates left.

Thor remained.

I appreciate that Thor stayed, helping to provide some level of continuity for what was an incredibly difficult time. It wasn’t just the pandemic (which has sucked), but the constant turnover and the losing.

I am a crusty old bastard who has waited most of my life for Nebraska to win a NCAA tourney game. I am not going out on a limb in saying the program Fred Hoiberg will not only achieve that goal, but be a new era of Nebrasketball of which we all can be proud.

Thor will be known as a guy who helped build that new era and for that, I will be forever thankful.

Thank you Thor.

You’ll forever be the real god of thunder in my book. If you ever want to be King of Iceland, let me know, and I’ll be the first SOB off the landing boats to take the island in your name.

Good luck with your future!