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Friday Flakes: The Oklahoma Drill Is On The Way Out

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl Practice Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated reported that the NCAA is likely going to make some pretty dramatic changes to pre-season football camp including dropping the number of allowed padded practices and increasing the number of helmet only practices.

From the article:

In the latest working model, a 25-practice camp must include at least nine non-contact, padless practices (helmets only). That’s up from the current rule of two mandatory padless practices, which are part of an acclimatization period at the beginning of each camp. No more than eight practices can feature full pads and full contact, up from 21 under the current rule.


One thing that may never return to college football practices: the archaic head-knocking, one-on-one collision drills. That includes the Oklahoma drill, Board drill and Bull in the Ring. The prohibition on these drills would be year round, barring the exercises completely from college football.

Sounds like the Oklahoma drill, at least the way all of “olds” used to run it is rarely used anyways. I’m young enough that I never experienced the Bull in the Ring drill.

I thought Nebraska used some type of multi-level Oklahoma drill at that open practice last Saturday.

A Challenge

So if the question was which 3 would you put in a museum then you might choose Forrest Gump, Schindler’s List and Gandhi? Debatable.

If the question is that I can only pick 3 from this list for me to watch for the rest of my life and the remaining 37 are to be burned from my existence then I probably go with No Country for Old Men, The Departed...and A Beautiful Mind.

I’ve only seen 26 of the 40 movies. I haven’t seen a single one on the bottom row except Chariots of Fire.


Oklahoma drill on the way out, other major changes could be coming to fall camp
The NCAA is prepared to make major changes to preseason camp, severely limiting the number of padded practices while banning a handful of contact drills, according to Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated.

Frosh Watch: Feisty Lutovsky
Nebraska offensive line coach Greg Austin always offers much insight in interviews about what's going on with his crew, and he didn't disappoint on Wednesday.

Austin covered a wide amount of territory, including a few thoughts on some of the new pups in his room.

Notably, we learned that Henry Lutovsky is feisty.

Tom Brady warns that new jersey rule will "make for a lot of bad football" - ProFootballTalk
The Chiefs wanted to revolutionize the universe of jersey numbers available to players. The quarterback who beat the Chiefs in Super Bowl LV doesn’t like that very much.

NFL passes rule designed to give kicking team a better chance on onside kicks
Although the NFL did not vote on the much-discussed “fourth-and-15 alternative” to the onside kick, it did pass a new rule that will make onside kicks easier for the kicking team to recover.

Thomas sees the right things happening this spring
Last fall, Nebraska defensive lineman Deontre Thomas was ready for a strong junior season. The 6-foot-3, 295-pounder was in good shape following a strong fall camp and ready for Nebraska’s opener against Ohio State, but injured his ankle.

Isaac Traudt set to officially visit Nebraska, others in June
Nebraska basketball is getting an official visit from Isaac Traudt at the beginning of June in what figures to be a massively important month in the recruitment of the latest basketball phenom to emerge in the state.

Two Husker basketball recruits advance to NJCAA's Final Four | Men's Basketball |
Two Nebraska basketball recruits continued their runs at the National Junior College Athletic Association tournament Thursday night with both of their teams advancing to the tournament’s Final Four.

Connor Culp can't wait to kick for fans in Memorial Stadium | Football |
The crowd focuses Connor Culp. He lines up, takes a deep breath and sails the ball through the uprights. The Sea of Red, back in Memorial Stadium in full force, is on its feet, roaring.

At least that’s how Culp envisions it.

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College football camps to see changes in attempt to reduce concussions - Sports Illustrated
Change is coming to college football, and this time, the modifications are on the field.

While the last several weeks have been spent on transfer legislation and athlete compensation changes, college sports leaders are poised to make an adjustment between the lines: Preseason camp is getting a facelift.


Disgusting Study Shows What Happens in The Air When You Flush a Public Toilet
We know that pathogens lurk in stagnant water, urine, feces and vomit – the usual inhabitants of public loos. Computer models have previously shown that the act of flushing can send germs a few meters into the surrounding air.

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