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Five Heart Podcast Episode 221: The Storiest Lines Of Spring

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Nebraska v Rutgers Photo by Benjamin Solomon/Getty Images

Greg is out again this week, so it’s Todd, Nate McHugh and myself going over Nebraska Cornhusker 2021 spring football story lines!

We preview all the juiciest tidbits of what YOU should be looking out for this spring.

  • Special Teams - WE MUST IMPROVE! What are the problems? How will that happen?
  • Who is Logan Smothers? Seriously. Last year we heard shit tons of talk about Luke MCCCAFFREY before he ever stepped foot on the field. Logan Smothers has been here a while and no one has ever seen him play football!
  • How many quarterbacks are on the roster?
  • How many place kickers are on the roster?
  • Receivers - Omar Manning! That new guy who’s name no one can pronounce!
  • More quarterback talk! (Can there ever be enough?) How did Kearney take over this position? Mark Harrdelberg! Heinrich Misker! Some other guy no one has heard of!
  • What is the Identity of this team? Do they need a slogan? WE CAN DO THAT! WE CAN DO IT EVEN BETTER IF YOU GIVE US IDEAS WE CAN STEAL!

It’s a Turkish Delight of spring football goo!

I have a book out!

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I wrote a book about my death and recovery. The title, “Been Dead, Never Been To Europe” reflects the ironic nature of life, what happens versus what we want to happen. It’s available at Amazon in Kindle and Paperback.

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