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Brenden Jaimes NFL Draft Scouting Report

How does Jaimes project to the NFL

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Considered to be the top Husker NFL Draft Prospect Brenden Jaimes was the only Husker invited to the Senior Bowl and this year’s version of the 2021 NFL Scouting Combine. In this scouting report you get a full view of Jaimes and how he projects to the NFL.


Height: 6’5

Weight: 298

Hand: 9 5/8“

Arms: 33 1/4“

Wingspan: 82”


Trait Grade (OT): 6.4/10 (Average)

Trait Grade (iOL): 6.6/10 (Average)

Projection Grade: 7.0/10 (Spot Starter)

Projection: 5th Round


  • Quick off the ball to get out into space or the second level.
  • Able to get depth in his drops to cut off pass rushers trying to get around the corner
  • Shows the lateral agility to slide with defenders
  • Uses agility to redirect and slide back inside
  • Capable of swing his hips around and seal off defenders
  • Strength to anchor in and prevent bull rushes
  • Can extend and push defenders past the pocket
  • Uses strength to steer defenders and seal off to open running lanes


  • Often lets defenders get their hands on him first
  • Catches defenders rather than attacking them
  • Struggles to control defenders with his hands and allows defenders to slip off his blocks
  • Not an overpowering blocker who moves defenders off their spot.
  • Struggles to make blocks outside in space
  • Athletic and speed rushers can give him fits
  • Can get caught leaning and cause him to loss his balance


A stalwart for the Huskers Jaimes started four years for the Huskers mainly at left tackle and at right tackle during his freshman season. Jaimes has had success with Nebraska using good quickness off the ball to get into the proper position to occupy the defender. In pass protection Jaimes is at his best when he can quick set and engage early with the defender so he can slide laterally with them. On deeper drops Jaimes is able to get into position but tends to catch defenders and absorb their contact which causes his hands to be out of place and makes it difficult to control defenders and allows them to get off their blocks.

Against the run Jaimes isn’t going to over power and maul defenders moving them off their spot. Instead he uses his quickness and athletic ability to occupy and seal off defenders. Whether it’s using his strength to steer and turn defenders into place or using his quick footwork to get his hips around, he’s able to wall them off long enough for the running back to get by.


After a solid career at Nebraska and a strong showing at the Senior Bowl, Brenden Jaimes has some momentum heading into the draft. Because he was able to participate in the Senior Bowl, he got to meet teams in person and perform in front of NFL scouts which not many prospects can say. This could benefit Jaimes as NFL teams like to know as much as they can about a player.

With that said, Jaimes will likely be drafted on the third day of the NFL draft likely in the fifth round to a team needing a versatile offensive lineman. Jaimes career path could very well resemble that of former Husker left tackle Alex Lewis. Much like Lewis, Jaimes could start his career off as a backup swing tackle before eventually moving inside to guard where he can develop into a solid starting tackle.