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Friday Flakes: I Will Not Drink The Kool-Aid and Bill Moos Is Being Considered for Pac-12 Commissioner

Don’t do it. Don’t drink that tasty sweet stuff.

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Nebraska v Rutgers Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

The Nebraska football fanbase reminds me of a boxer who just got knocked down. He keeps getting back up only to get knocked down again. He’s bloodied and bruised. He can’t see out of his left eye. The cut above his right eye has blood dripping down over this face.

The boxer is about to give up. Then he hears the magic words.

“He’s faster.” “He’s stronger.” “They worked harder.” “Another year in the system.” “He has made huge strides.” “Could be the deepest we have ever been since we have been here.”

The boxer looks up. However, instead of his opponent on the other end of the boxing ring there is a small table. On top of the table is a clear glass pitcher full of red sugary sweet liquid.

The source of rejuvenation for the boxer is right there for the taking. He can choose to drop his gloves and take a drink or he can walk right by the table and get ready to take the beating.

This spring I will not drink the Kool-Aid. Though I can’t blame anybody that can’t resist that lovely red sugary sweet drink.

Bill Moos Could Become the New Pac-12 Commissioner

Though it’s obviously at the “initial” stage.

Not ideal. He has said that he wants to get his job done then retire to the ranch but a commissioner job could be interesting. The Pac-12 surely needs some new leadership.


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When it comes to the likes of Myles Farmer, Braxton Clark and Javin Wright, defensive backs coach Travis Fisher just wants to be smart with how to work them in this spring after injuries hit them in different ways last fall.

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Two things I heard/read this week that stuck with me.

The first was from the book The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy. This book was recommended to me. I read it in one day. In fact, if you just want to speed read it then it probably would take 10 minutes. However, the pictures are simple and beautiful and it’s a great book for a person of any age. I had my seven-year old start reading it as well.

This small part of the book was a conversation between the Boy and the Mole. The boy asks “Is the cup half full or half empty?” The mole responded, “I’m simply grateful for the cup.”


Second, was a podcast interview on The Daily Stoic. Ryan Holiday was interviewing James Clear and through their conversation there was a statement by Clear that made me reflect on my choices

Every time you say “No,” it is a decision. Every time you say “Yes,” it is a commitment.

There were times over the past couple of months that I wish I could just take off all of my “hats.” I probably have more “hats” than some people and less than others but I think I need to start saying No more often than I’ve been saying Yes.

This is Holy Week

If you are ever in a Catholic Church (don’t worry I’m not going to beat you over the head about this), you’ll notice there are a set of 14 images that encircle the church. Each image reflects one of the 14 stages of Jesus’s crucifixion and death. The Stations of the Cross start with “Jesus is Condemned to Death” and ends with “Jesus is Laid in the Tomb.”

This Lent I used an app called Hallow, which did all 14 stations over the period of 14 days. Wednesday was the 14th day which was, as I just said, Jesus is Laid in the Tomb.

The speaker on the app had you visualize the following: You are sitting in an empty church. It is completely dark with the exception of 14 lit candles sitting in front of the altar.

Then one candle after another start going out. One after each station. Then when there is one candle remaining it is picked up and taken out of the church. Watch as the only source of light left leaves. The church is now completely dark.


This has turned into quite the week of reflection for myself. I don’t know whether you believe, don’t want to believe, or can’t seem to convince yourself to believe. You may fall in any of the many shades of gray within that spectrum of belief or non-belief. Regardless, I believe reflection is a positive thing. I probably need to do it more.

The Best Things I Saw On The Internet This Week

For me, though I could be persuaded, my Mount Rushmore of Comic Books Movies would be made up of Logan, The Dark Knight, Into the Spider-Verse, V for Vendetta