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Jon’s Postlife Crisis: Eric Sorenson of D1Baseball - Nebraska

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Jon Johnston

Eric Sorenson, the Stitchhead, a national college baseball writer for, joined me on this episode of Jon’s Postlife Crisis.

Eric and I talked about:

  • Will Bolt and impressions national writers have of him
  • The Big Ten’s choice to go with conference -only scheduling this year.
  • RPI - It’s all the rage. The powers that be put way too much emphasis on it. Does it matter this year?
  • Big Ten RPI Anchors - who drags our RPI down?
  • Who will win the Big Ten baseball season?
  • How many teams will the Big Ten get into the NCAA tournament?
  • Will Nebraska make it?
  • Will Nebraska host a NCAA regional tournament game?
  • How does the Big Ten look overall?
  • Wisconsin does not have a baseball team
  • Who’s the standout players for Nebraska and why?
  • This year the NCAA is having pre-determined host locations for the NCAA tourney. Should it stay this way?
  • How will Nebraska’s season end up?

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