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Hey Rube....Basketball Thoughts

Champion Week Edition

NCAA Basketball: Minnesota at Nebraska Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry, no poetry today. Though, I am not sure many of you will notice.

This very well could be the last week of Nebrasketball for the season. Not that they can’t go to the NCAA tournament but they would have to win the Big Ten Tournament to make that happen. Let that sink in, it’s probably not going to happen.

But we are not exactly surprised, are we?

It has been an interesting season for the Big Red. We had an almost brand new starting five playing this season. COVID took out almost a month of games. All but one eventually took place. There was even a time when we were not sure there would be a season. So much has happened over the past few months.

The Big Ten itself was a meat grinder as many suspected. The amount of talent in this conference is mind boggling. I firmly believe that most teams would get eaten up in this league (paging Gonzaga). I hate to say it but I hope a few of these guys move on to professional ball (paging Luka Garza).

Even outside of the conference, things were different. Blue Blood programs took it on the chin early and many have barley recovered to the usual glory. I mean, who knew Duke, Kentucky, and North Carolina would have such bad records this season?

I’m not even going to go into what happened at Creighton. It’s just, sad.

But hey, we got through it and we will make it through March. There has not been a whole lot to look forward to but we do have the Big Ten and NCAA tournament coming up. Sit back and enjoy it. Don’t worry about the outside world. Escape for once. Pick a team that’s not Nebraska and cheer them on.

Maybe they will pull it all of and you will have that “one shining moment” playing in your head for a week. I never got into that song and montage, but hey, I also never had my love make it far into the tournament. Or well, any depth into the tournament.

Point is, a lot was put into this season by many people from all over the country. All for our entertainment. Well, money too because you have to keep the lights on, but entertainment none the less.

It’s been weird and crazy, so enjoy it because it’s almost over.