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Why Husker Fans Should Want College Athletes To Get Paid (NIL - Name, Image, Likeness)

Change is coming. Let’s be at the front of it.

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Mikaela Foecke should have had the opportunity to make some bucks off herself.
Jon Johnston

I thought about doing a video giving an update where NIL - Name, Image, Likeness - legislation and policy is at, but it’s pretty damned complicated.

I decided instead to do a bit on why Nebraska fans should be in favor of college athletes getting paid.

First, there’s this concept that freedom is good, a concept most Americans find appealing. There are others who do not find freedom appealing. Are you one of them?

I tell you:

  • Why Athletes should be able to make money off themselves
  • Why Blake Lawrence is the second coming of Boyd Epley
  • Why you would have wanted to buy a Mikaela Foecke shirt
  • About leveling the playing field with the SEC because they’ve been paying players for years
  • How all of this could explode, turn college sports into the Wild West. What’s so bad about the Wild West?
  • You can accept change, or you can get left behind. Which would be better for Nebraska?

Probably more things in here I forgot.

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Check out this twitter thread from Blake Lawrence, the new Boyd Epley: