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Nebrasketball Gets Smashed By Iowa 102-64

Here’s a photo of an old truck.

Old Truck Wheat Field

The Hawkeyes are favored by 16.5 points. Can the Huskers avoid their patented scoring droughts and hang with the #5 team in the country?

I guess we’ll find out.

But I’m not holding my breath.

First Half


It took two Derrick Walker fouls to do it...looks like Eduardo Andre Yvan Ouedraogo will need to play major minutes tonight.

Iowa’s plan seems to be postup Garza and wait for Nebraska to stop it. It is working as the Hawkeyes extended the lead to as much as 12 in the early going.

Oh, and should we mention that the Huskers have six turnovers in the first eight minutes?

Why is it so hard to score points when you wear a Nebraska uniform? At 7:49, the Iowa lead is 29-13.

WE CAN HAZ A DUNK (Andre) and some more points to cut the lead to nine.

That didn’t last long as Iowa answered with a run of their own to take a 15 point lead...oh wait, make that an 18 point lead...a 20 point lead (the Hawkeyes are scoring faster than I can type)...THE TURNOVERS. MAKE THEM STOP!!

1:28 left in the First Half

[Jon takes over. I’m not very good at the graphics bits that Jill does.]

I had to run an errand so I missed much of the first half. One has the feeling that fans wouldn’t have mattered one bit were they at this game. At this point, it’s 46-26 and Nebraska can’t make a shot to save their lives.

While they are moving up and down the floor, there is little life in this game.


  • Iowa 48
  • Nebraska 26

Nebraska shooting 32%, 10-31 overall, 25% from three, 4-16.

Key - Nebraska at half has more turnovers (12) than buckets (10). Our beloved Huskers were 1 out of their last 10 shots before half, while Iowa went on a 16-3 run. Only six assists for the good guys, while the stinky Iowegians had 14.

Where’s Teddy Buckets when you need him?

Second Half

13:31 minutes - 66-36

Nebraska started the second half decently, but Iowa is making all their shots.

Our beloved Huskers now have 16 turnovers. Keegan Murray just scored on a dunk that gave Iowa a 30-point lead.

Nebraska not going after loose balls much.

7:00 minutes - 79-50

They could let this go with a running clock and no one would care. Nebraska has not much life. Iowa has put in a fair amount of backups as has Nebraska. Everyone is trying too hard, but not making a lot of effort at it. This has forced the officials to call fouls on crappy play, extending the amount of time this game takes to get over.

Eduardo Andre just dove after a loose ball. It still went out of bounds.

Andre just got four offensive rebounds in a row, passed them out to teammates who failed to hit a shot. Nebraska had maybe six second-chance shots, until Andre gave up on another rebound and Iowa took possession of the ball.

What To Say?

Kobe Webster led Nebraska with 17 points. Lat Mayen had his first double-double with 14 points and 13 rebounds.

Otherwise, who gives a fuck, honestly. Nebraska has played a lot of games lately. They were never in this game, didn’t have a lot of gas or energy and got destroyed by the fifth-ranked team in the nation.

Let’s move on.

Coach Hoiberg Post-Game Remarks

Kobe Webster Post-Game Remarks