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Frosted Flakes: Popular Dog Breeds, Airport Slot Machines and Terrible Sports Venues

What’s the worst sports venue you have been to in your life?

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Photo by George Rose/Getty Images

I saw this tweet last week and it got me thinking that I have been to some pretty bad sports venues...especially baseball stadiums.

With that in mind, the first one that comes to mind for me is the Oakland Coliseum, which until recently was home to the Oakland Athletics and Oakland Raiders. To say it was terrible is an understatement. The sightlines were terrible. The bathrooms haven’t been updated in years. The stadium and surrounding area itself are a complete eyesore. It’s no wonder the Raiders moved to Vegas. I’m also happy that the Athletics will be getting a nicer ballpark in the near future.

On that note...what’s the worst sport venue you have ever visited? I’m excited to read your stories below. Anyways onto Flakes...

Frosted Flakes

Breaking Down the Husker Baseball Team: Outfielders | Baseball | Corn Nation

The big loss for the Huskers is that Aaron Palensky is gone. Palensky was the big bat in the middle of the order who was a power threat. He decided after the end of last season to sign with the New York Yankees. Now to take a look at who will be in the outfield for Nebraska, starting with Palensky’s right field spot.

Husker Offensive Linemen Brendan Jaimes Invited to the NFL Combine | Football | Corn Nation

The combine will be in a virtual format this year, with physical workouts taking place at a school’s Pro Day. Interviews and mental testing will be done virtually and there will be little to no medical exams. NFL teams will be evaluating prospects much differently than they are used to doing and will rely heavily on what they see on tape and what they can learn over Zoom.

Coach Manning and Eric Schultz Answer Questions Ahead of Big Tens | Wrestling | Corn Nation

The Big Ten tournament will have 14 wrestlers in each weight class, and the Huskers have one No. 1-seed in Schultz, who will earn a bye into the quarterfinal. Also receiving first-round byes are No. 2-seeds Liam Cronin (125 pounds) and Mikey Labriola (174).

Last Weekend Was Exciting Until It Was Disappointing for Volleyball Teams and Fans | Volleyball | Corn Nation

Every weekend between now and the start of the NCAA tournament (April 8th) is scheduled so that could leave the match for a midweek date, perhaps. So while we wait for the much anticipated contest with the Badgers to get put back on the calendar, we move forward, and we look forward but we ALL hope the match between these two great teams happens.

Nebraska Recruiting: What Will it Take to Slow Down Transfer Portal? | Football | Hail Varsity

Hundreds of college football players are in the transfer portal in hopes of finding a new school. There may not be an end any time soon of players streaming into the portal. There are more rules on the horizon that could impact this. There’s the potential of eliminating the one-year sit-out penalty for FBS transfers. That could create more bloat in the portal. The impact of name, image and likeness will add another wrinkle.

Mailbag: Husker History and Top Shot, Nebrasketball Moving Forward, and More | Sports | Hail Varsity

Hail Varsity staff members Mike Babcock, Jacob Padilla, Greg Smith, Erin Sorensen and Brandon Vogel tackle your questions about the latest news in Husker Nation.

Padding the Stats: The Too-Brief Allen Era at Nebraska Benefitted Both Sides | Basketball | Hail Varsity

As Teddy said way back before the season, he’s just a hooper. He just wants to play basketball and win games, and he wants to do it his way to a certain extent. He’s not one to hide his emotions. I’m sure that Nebraska’s struggles this season were incredibly frustrating for him, especially considering how little help he was getting at times.

McGowens, Huskers Trending Up As Battle with #5 Iowa Looms | Basketball | Lincoln Journal Star

McGowens has become the trigger man in a Nebraska attack that has seen its shooting, scoring and assist numbers take off over the past four games. The Huskers are hitting 51% of their shots, scoring nearly 76 points per game and averaging 16.5 assists in that stretch. And the 6-foot-4 McGowens has been right in the middle of everything.

Key Returners, Notable Newcomers for Nebraska Baseball | Baseball | Omaha World-Herald

Nebraska embarks on its 44-game, league-only regular season with a four-game series starting Friday against Purdue from Round Rock, Texas. Here’s a look at how each position group is shaping up for the spring.

Five Huskers Qualify for NCAA Indoor Championships | Track and Field | Huskers

Nebraska’s qualifiers are Papay Glaywulu (triple jump), Lishanna Ilves (long jump), George Kusche (mile), Burger Lambrechts Jr. (shot put) and Kevin Shubert (shot put).

Huskers Kick Off At Home Against Purdue | Women’s Soccer |

The Nebraska women’s soccer team plays its first game at Barbara Hibner Soccer Stadium in 494 days as it kicks off a three-game home slate with Purdue on Thursday, March 4 at 1:04 (CT). The game will televised on BTN with Larry Punteney and Jaylyn Armstrong on the call.

Huskers Look for Third Straight Win | Men’s Basketball |

The Huskers have started to click on offense in recent games, shooting 51 percent from the field and averaging 75.8 points per game over the last four contests entering Thursday’s contest. NU is averaging 16.5 assists in that stretch, compared to just 12.8 in the Huskers’ first 20 contests.


The Best State Parks In Every State | Travel | Lonely Planet

Whether it's right in your backyard or you have to drive hours just to get to it, state parks are like that beloved hometown sports team that you’ll always root for. Here are our favorite 50 state parks in the USA.

Europe to Consider Digital Health Passport in Order to Restore Travel | Travel | Lonely Planet

The idea is that the digital certificate would facilitate travel within the EU by indicating if the holder has been vaccinated or has tested negative for the virus. It would also contain information on recovery for those who have been ill with COVID-19. Although the pass would facilitate travel between member countries, it does not appear that it will be mandatory for travelers to hold one.

Qantas Aims to Resume International Flights to Australia at the End of October | Travel | Lonely Planet

The airline plans to restore international flights by the fall, as well as flights by Jetstar, the lower-priced carrier owned by the company. The timing is aligned with when the country’s COVID-19 vaccination program is expected to conclude. The carrier remains in close consultation with the Australian government, and if the situation changes, its dates for resuming international flights will also be revised.

Las Vegas Tourist Wins 300k in Airport Slot Machine Just Before Flight | Travel | Travel & Leisure

The woman from Flower Mound, Texas won a $302,000 jackpot at a Wheel of Fortune slot machine on Feb. 25 while waiting in the airport’s B Concourse, where Southwest Airlines operates. Video of the moment she won shows the woman jumping up and down, yelling, “Oh my god!” and “I won $300,000!”

Emirates Introduces $55 Option to Book Empty Seat Next to You | Travel | Travel + Leisure

The seats are not available to pre-book and will only be made available at the airport check-in counter ahead of flight departure. Each seat will cost anywhere from $55 to $165, plus applicable taxes, depending on the flight.

Thailand Tourism Sector Has Set Its Sights on a July 1st Reopening | Travel | Travel + Leisure

The #OpenThailandSafely campaign hopes to welcome international tourists back to Thailand by July 1, campaign organizers shared with Travel + Leisure, a date which they believe provides enough time for vaccines to make their way around the world.

The UK Seafood That Could Send You To Jail | Travel | BBC

Unique to the Channel Islands but most famously harvested on Guernsey, ormers can only be gathered around 20 days of the year – and are wrapped in a host of rules.

The Rest

The 50 Best Cult Movies | Entertainment | The Ringer

This ranking was assembled through the votes of Ringer staff members. And though there is no official definition for a cult movie—most times, you know it when you see it—voters were asked to consider only films that (a) were not successful at the box office, (b) were not widely and initially praised by critics, and (c) gained popularity only after they left theaters, whether by word of mouth, midnight screenings, or home-video success.

The Most Popular Dog Breed in Every Country | Animals | Travel + Leisure

The rottweiler is the number one dog in 34 countries — the highest number of appearances for any breed. The Australian shepherd, however, is still the most-searched breed in the world, with 913,000 monthly hits across the four countries where it is number one. Interestingly enough, Australia isn’t one of those four countries. Aussies actually prefer border collies.

The Expert Guide to Making Your Clothes Last Forever | Fashion | The Guardian

Overwashing can send garments to an early grave. “Before the washing machine, washing was really arduous and laborious,” she says. “Women would do anything not to have to wash the family’s clothes and the level of invention of how to delay that wash is, in itself, literature. So brilliant: all the sponging, spot-cleaning, putting in the sun to bleach.”

How Google’s Hot Air Balloons Surprised Its Creators | Future | BBC

Algorithms using artificial intelligence are discovering unexpected tricks to solve problems that astonish their developers. But it is also raising concerns about our ability to control them.

Ancestry Company Uses Deepfakes to Bring Old Photos of Your Great Grandma to Life | Technology | Mashable

MyHeritage partnered with a company called D-ID, which has written an algorithm that creates these animated videos out of old images. Deepfake technology has often been used to “teach” a computer to seamlessly swap the faces of two different people in a video. MyHeritage’s tool, however, uses D-ID’s deep learning technology to automatically animate old still images.

Your Tweet Goes Viral. Here Come the Companies Asking You to Sell Their Crap. | News | Vox

What was once the province of tweets that said something to the effect of “Wow, this blew up!” or “While you’re here, follow me on Instagram!” or the classic, “Anyway, here’s my Soundcloud” is now a space largely devoted to selling cheap products.

Inside Xinjiang’s Prison State | News | The New Yorker

In 2017, detentions of Uighurs, Kazakhs, Hui, and other minorities began to escalate. The first wave targeted Uighur imams and the religiously devout. Soon, prominent academics, novelists, and film directors were also taken into custody. Police and security officers used broad pretexts to justify the detentions, including traveling abroad, having a beard, and owning a prayer rug.

Last But Not Least

So beautiful.

Is this a game-changer for contact sports?

Which new snowplow name is your favorite?