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Cornhuskers React: Final Four Predictions, First Weekend Surprises

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Big Ten Men’s Basketball Tournament - Nebraska v Penn State Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Welcome to SB Nation Reacts, a survey of fans across the NCAA. Each week, we send out questions to the most plugged in Nebraska Cornhuskers fans, and fans across the country. Sign up here to join Reacts.

National Voting Results

This week featured a number of votes predicting who will make the Final Four, what the best game was from the first weekend, splashiest player thus far, and Illinois’s gigantic face plant. So with such a large number of vote results this week, let’s go ahead and get into them.

The exact results in full were:

  1. Alabama: 36%
  2. Michigan: 35%
  3. Florida State: 21%
  4. UCLA: 8%

The exact results in full were:

  1. Gonzaga: 91%
  2. Oregon: 4%
  3. USC: 4%
  4. Creighton: 1%

The exact results in full were:

  1. Baylor: 74%
  2. Arkansas: 12%
  3. Villanova 9%
  4. Oral Roberts 5%

The exact results in full were:

  1. Loyola: 37%
  2. Houston: 35%
  3. Syracuse 17%
  4. Oregon State: 10%

The exact results in full were:

  1. Syracuse: 47%
  2. UCLA: 24%
  3. Oregon State 20%
  4. Oral Roberts: 9%

The exact results in full were:

  1. Ohio State vs. Oral Roberts 37%
  2. Abilene Christian vs. Texas 17%
  3. Michigan vs. LSU 16%
  4. Oklahoma State vs. Oregon State 8%
  5. Arkansas vs Texas Tech 8%
  6. Virginia Tech vs. Florida 8%
  7. Rutgers vs Houston 7%

The exact results in full were:

  1. Max Abmas 30%
  2. Cameron Krutwig 30%
  3. Buddy Boeheim 26%
  4. Jaime Jaquez Jr. 11%
  5. Dejon Jarreau 3%

Interestingly, Illinois received the second most votes in the initial polling for who would win it all. The Illini received 176 votes, totaling 21.28% of the overall vote and the only other team behind Gonzaga to receive double-digit percentrages. Gonzaga was the top vote getter with 45.1% of the vote, or 373 total. Baylor was third with 6.29% or 52 total votes.

Cornhusker Fans’ Results

Fan confidence for the season was given a final vote on March 10. The Huskers finished the season on a notable upward trend. The final vote tally was 86 percent were confident, the highest mark since fans voted 87 percent on Jan. 19. It also marked the fifth highest confidence mark of the season, overall.

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