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2021 Nebraska Pro Day Preview

What to Watch for Nebraska’s Pro Day

NFL scout Preston Williams

College Pro Days have always been an important part of the Draft Process but this year Pro Days have become crucial. With no NFL Scouting Combine, Pro Days are the only chance NFL Draft prospects have to showcase their skills in front of NFL teams. Add in that NFL teams can only send three representatives and that can show how teams view those prospects.

With so many Husker players deciding to return for their extra year of eligibility, only five former Huskers will be participating in Pro Day activities. In my Pro Day Preview I take a look at the drill that matters the most for each Husker draft hopeful.

Dedrick Mills - Short Shuttle

In my Dedrick Mills scouting report I highlighted that I felt Mills was best suited to play in a zone scheme where he could put a foot down and get upfield. The problem is that being scheme specific limits the amount of teams that may want Mills. If Mills is able to run a short shuttle in the 4.27 range then it could prove that Mills is able to change directions and start/stop needed to play in a gap system and make him more appealing to wider range of teams.

Jack Stoll - Bench Press

While Stoll has shown a knack for making some tough catches, he is going to need to prove that he can be a blocker if he wants to make an NFL team. On tape Stoll shows a knack for blocking in space but struggled at times blocking at the point of attack as a traditional tight end. That’s why the bench press can be the most beneficial drill for him. Putting up over 21 reps at 225 can showcase his upper body strength and potential to improve as a blocker.

Brenden Jaimes - 10 Yard Split

Laugh all you want about offensive lineman running the 40 yard dash, but we can learn a few things from lineman running the drill. One thing is that the 10 yard split can show how well lineman explode out of their stance. Whether Jaimes is viewed as a tackle or guard, any time at or under 1.85 would be considered good and showcase his quickness off the ball and into his stance.

Matt Farniok - Broad Jump

Similar to the 10 yard split of the 40 yard dash, the board jump is another important measured drill that can demonstrate lower body explosion. For interior offensive lineman, 8’3” is considered average. Farniok has had his struggles in pass protection but shown that he can be a good run blocker. Testing well in the board jump should only prove his aggressiveness and make him all the most enticing to a team looking to improve their run blocking.

Dicaprio Bootle - 40 Yard Dash

While the 40 yard dash can be a bit overrated at times, it does matter a lot to cornerbacks as being faster than the receiver you are covering is always a benefit. Bootle has shown good burst and change of direction skills but I’m anxious to see what Bootle’s 40 yard dash time is. Anything in the low 4.5s or lower would be considered a success and show that he can run deep with receivers.