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Wednesday Haiku Flakes

The peak of college basketball is here

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NCAA Basketball: Final Four-City Scenes Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

It is time to dance

Believe it has been two years

Don’t trip over shoes

Mankilling Mastodons

Nebraska football plan to duck Oklahoma Sooners a low for Cornhuskers
Nebraska football has hit a new low, even though we knew things were already bad. Four consecutive losing seasons. Losses to Big Ten bottom feeders.

Hot Dish: 99 Red Loss Balloons - Banner Society
In which MAC and corn don’t mix.

The Nebraska I know never would have ducked anyone: Staples – The Athletic
A report Friday that Nebraska was trying to get out of its scheduled game at Oklahoma brought memories and anger and sadness.

Updated Nebraska basketball scholarship chart
Here is a look at where Nebraska basketball's 2020-21 scholarship distribution chart currently stands.

We continue our Nebraska football spring previews with an in-depth look at Nebraska's running back position.
We continue our Nebraska football spring previews with an in-depth look at Nebraska's running back position.

Other News From The Sporting World

Russian hockey player dies after being hit by puck - The Washington Post
A 19-year-old Russian hockey player has died after being hit in the head by the puck during a game

Rob Gronkowski returns to Bucs on one-year, $10 million deal
Rob Gronkowski will continue to add to his Hall of Fame numbers.

Details of Bryan Harsin’s Auburn contract released -
Bryan Harsin's contract with Auburn was finally made public on Monday, nearly three months after he was hired as head coach.

NCAA rules panel recommends change to shorten overtime games | College |
The NCAA Football Rules Committee on Friday recommended a slight change to overtime rules that would require a team to try a two-point conversion after a touchdown when a game

Iowa State Cyclones coach Steve Prohm out after winless Big 12 season
Prohm coached the Cyclones for six seasons. His ouster comes on the heels of what may ultimately be pegged as the worst season in Cyclones history.

McCaffery gets four-year contract extension
Just one day after the Iowa Hawkeyes men’s basketball team was named a #2 seed in the NCAA tournament, Fran McCaffery has received a four-year contract extension.

Yellow Journalism

Scientists may have solved ancient mystery of 'first computer' | Astronomy | The Guardian
Researchers claim breakthrough in study of 2,000-year-old Antikythera mechanism, an astronomical calculator found in sea

Expect College Wait Lists to Be Obnoxiously Long This Year - WSJ
Students have applied to more schools, and admissions officers are struggling to predict who will actually accept their offers.

Auditory Enlightenment

This song has been in my head for weeks. Now it will be in yours!