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Corn Nation NCAA Basketball Tournament Pick’em!

Who will win?

NCAA Basketball: Final Four National Champions-Villanova Parade Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome one and all to the 2021 Corn Nation NCAA Tournament Pick’em contest. Here you will be able to fill out your bracket and compete against other folks from Corn Nation. Join us as we watch the top seeds get knocked off and the Cinderella teams make dreams come true in the month of March.

While the Huskers unsurprisingly did not make the cut this year, many teams did. Making this a very fun and interesting tournament. For example, did you know that Colgate played 15 games this season against only 4 teams? Yeah, they ended up going 14-1 and will play Arkansas in the tournament!

I’m telling you, fun times!

There will be no prizes but you will be able to brag in the comments section for the upcoming season. Which, if you have spent any time in them, you know will annoy the heck out of everyone. So at the very least, play for the annoyance factor.

So click here to sign up and join our merry band of misfits as we decide what teams will live and die.

NCAA Basketball: Central Arkansas at UCLA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Clarkson NCAA Archive Photo by Rich Clarkson/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

Arizona V USC
Chris Webber - University of Michigan Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images
Sporting News Archive Photo by Malcolm W. Emmons/Sporting News via Getty Images via Getty Images