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Nebraska Basketball: Yvan Ouedraogo Enters Transfer Portal

The sophmore looks for greener pastures as he ends up in the transfer portal

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Illinois Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Reported by 24/7 Sports and the Omaha World-Herald, it appears that Yvan Ouedraogo will no longer be a part of Nebraska basketball going forward.

Ouedraogo averaged 3.4 points per game as well as 3.7 rebounds per game in a hectic 2020-2021 season.

He is listed as 6-9 and 245 pounds, but that height listing seems a bit generous as he was extremely undersized in a large Big Ten conference. At times he struggled to finish around the rim which makes it difficult to play him in such a difficult conference.

Another knock on Yvan is that he got to the free throw line. He was fifth on the team in attempts. The reason that’s a knock on him is that he shot 39% from the stripe. Come on man!

He played hard on defense and for his lack of size he was actually a relatively effective rim protector.

With all that said it likely could have been the emergence of freshman Eduardo Andre in the second half of the season which made this decision for Yvan.

Even though I have been critical, at times, of Yvan this season it is important for me to remind myself that the sophomore is still 18 years old. He has a lot of promise going forward and a tremendous opportunity for improvement wherever he ends up!

Good luck to Yvan!