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The Yoshi Football Show: Look Back - 2010 Nebraska Football Season, Last In The Big 12

There was so much potential.....

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FBC-OKLA-NEB Photo by Richard W. Rodriguez/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Oooooooo boyeeeee! Yoshi and I finally get together for another episode of the Yoshi football show.

This episode is all about the 2010 Nebraska football season, the last in the Big 12. He doesn’t pull any punches about what they went through, his thoughts on playing at Nebraska, and what it’s like to play offensive tackle.

Yoshi and I discuss:

  • The 2009 season and why he chose to come to Nebraska
  • Barney Cotton as an offensive line coach
  • His mindset regarding not being the starter at the beginning of the season
  • vs. Washington - the Taylor Martinez coming out party
  • Texas A&M - remember that game? 16 penalties vs Nebraska, it was clear the officials had no intention of Nebraska winning that game
  • Blocking Von Miller and what that does to an offensive tackle’s confidence
  • Losing to Texas, again. How did the team handle that?
  • Losing to Oklahoma after being ahead 17-0, the last shot at a Big 12 Championship
  • Against Washington, why Nebraska lost to them in the Holiday Bowl after soundly smashing them earlier in the season

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