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Big Red Cobcast Ep. 349: We know how to party

Joe & Pat spent Super Bowl Sunday on a Zoom talking about the Huskers and sharing recruiting message board accounts.

News keeps breaking on Monday. We record on Sunday. That’s not a sales pitch for the Big Red Cobcast, obviously. It’s more of a not-getting-any-young dude yelling at the clouds.

But honestly, it doesn’t matter. We’re gonna keep yelling at clouds. If you come to the Cobcast for news, you’re doing things wrong. We’ll yell about Bill Busch and Co. next week.

We’ve got important things to talk about, like what teams the extra year of eligibility favors, frustrating (but obvious) B1G schedule changes, and what foods Tweedy’s CrossFit friends fed each other at their Super Bowl party where they were probably required to only walk on their hands.

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