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Five Heart Podcast Episode 213: The BIG TEN (The I is for Incompetent)

NCAA Football: Big Ten Championship-Northwestern at Ohio State Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time for a new Five Heart Podcast. And this week, Greg, Jon, and Todd are all over the place, talking about 1990s HBO and some old Husker baseball memories.

You remember baseball, right? Well it’s that sport that the Big Ten just can’t seem to figure out. (Softball too, sorry.) The Big Ten has misplayed every aspect of every sport for the last eleven months, putting schools and their teams in impossible situations. While other conferences are proactive and have tried to implement plans that allow their student-athletes an opportunity to compete, the Big Ten leadership can’t seem to get out of their own way. So we talk about the lack of a plan for baseball, and how the Nebrasketball team is playing 15 games in 32 days, yet the conference is concerned about the well-being of the players.

And since we just had National Signing Day, we talk a little about the player who committed to Nebraska...and the player who did not.

And some former Huskers are in the Super Bowl, so we have some predictions for that game.

Here’s that YouTube clip Greg promised.