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Omaha To Host Entire 2021 NCAA Volleyball Tournament


Jon Johnston

The NCAA Division I Competition Oversight Committee approved combining three sports championships to a single location this spring. Volleyball, Bowling, and Women’s Ice Hockey will all be played in a single city.

Bowling will take place with 16 teams in Kansas City, Missouri. Women’s Ice Hockey will feature eight teams competing in Erie, Pennsylvania.

The NCAA Volleyball tournament will take place in Omaha!!!!!!

The NCAA volleyball tournament will have 48 teams this year instead of the usual 64, meaning there will be fewer at-large teams than in the past.

The entire 48-team NCAA women’s volleyball tournament will be hosted at the CHI Health Center.

The tournament is scheduled from April 13-24.

First-round matches would occur April 13, followed by second-round matches April 14. The regional semifinals would be held April 17, followed by the regional finals April 19.

The two national semifinal matches would be April 22, and the national championship match is scheduled for April 24.

This is very exciting news!

I hope like hell things clear up to the point that at least some fans will get the chance to attend these games.

Wear your masks dammit!

Get your vaccine!

Wash your hands!

Don’t fart or sing in public!