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Frosted Flakes: Warmer Weather, Female Eagle Scouts, and Chest Hair Art

Plus, we have a pile of Husker recruiting news for you!

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We have emerged from the deep freeze and are going to enjoy temperatures in the 40’s for the next few days. The lowest temp we saw during this cold weather was -31 degrees. We were fortunate to have electricity and water during the entire time. I have some colleagues down south who were not that lucky. We were able to keep all the critters alive and fed, but everything is so much harder in that kind of cold. Every little problem is magnified X10 and even when things go well, it is exhausting.

It was also nice this weekend to get back outside for a run. Since my bout with Covid, I can’t handle as much running as I used to; mostly I can’t handle the uphill runs. So, I’ve compromised and walk the steeper hills and run the easier grades. I feel like I’m cheating, but it’s going to get better if I stick with it.

I hope.

Frosted Flakes

Photos: Gophers hand Huskers first loss of the season | Volleyball |
The No. 4 Husker volleyball team hosted No. 5 Minnesota on Friday, with the visitors taking the last two sets for a 3-1 win. Journal Star photos by Francis Gardler.

I enjoy good photography even if the result of the match wasn’t what we wanted as Husker fans. At least Nebraska got their revenge on Sunday.

Huskers not among top five teams for 2022 in-state players Deshawn Woods, Devon Jackson | Football |
Top in-state 2022 football prospects Deshawn Woods (OL, Omaha Central) and Devon Jackson (OLB, Omaha Burke) release top-five lists absent the Huskers.

Nebraska football offers in-state TE , efforts to keep prospects home begin
Nebraska football extended an offer to an in-state tight end on Friday. In doing so, they are beginning their efforts to keep prospects home.

‘Tyler has been our offensive guru’: Hildebrand, Cook, working to take Nebraska’s offense up a notch | Huskers |
Heading into this season, there was no need for an overhaul in Nebraska volleyball’s offense. John Cook: “I would say they’re enhancements.”

Nebraska Football: Huskers meeting talented in-state prospect Sunday
Nebraska football is set to meet with a talented in-state prospect on Sunday, as they begin to build and prepare for future classes

HuskerOnline - The 3-2-1: Sizing up the 2022 In-State recruiting scene
We talk In-State recruiting and more in this week’s 3-2-1 column.

Sportsin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

Michigan basketball lands final punch in thriller at Ohio State, 92-87
Hunter Dickinson led the No. 3 Michigan men’s basketball team by scoring 16 of his team-high 22 points in the second half against No. 4 Ohio State.

This was a high-level game played by two teams that lived up to their high rankings.

Why wasn’t a housebound nation tuning in to watch sports on TV last year? |
Conventional wisdom, seemingly in concert with common sense, suggested that sports television viewership would expand during the pandemic once the leagues returned to action.

More Noise and Other Disturbances

What Happens When Scientists Become Allergic to Their Research | Science | Smithsonian Magazine
Researchers spend long periods of time around the organisms they study, and sometimes that exposure has unintended effects

The Woman Who Can Squirt Milk Out Of Her Armpits | IFLScience
People on TikTok have been sharing some strange things they can do with their body that most other people don't seem to be able to, including a woman who c...

BBC - Travel - Welcome to Polebridge: One of the US’ last frontiers
The general store is the hub of this small community.

Chatham woman stunned after scoring 365 points on a single word in Scrabble | CBC News
In Scrabble, 365 points would be considered a great score for an entire game, but Betty Kuchta of Chatham, Ont., earned all those points with just a single word.

The Man With A Hole In His Stomach, And The Doctor Who Licked Inside It For Science | IFLScience
We learned valuable insights into how the human body worked, at the expense of one man who had to walk around with an extra hole in his body until the day...

Astrophysicists find rare star spinning backwards - Big Think
Astrophysicists discovered a very rare planetary system 897 light years away which features two exoplanets orbiting their star backwards.

Boy Scouts celebrate the first group of female Eagle Scouts
Growing up in Minneapolis, Isabella Tunney followed the progress of her older brother with admiration and occasional envy as he worked toward earning the Boy Scouts’ prestigious rank of Eagle...

The AI research paper was real. The “co-author” wasn’t | Ars Technica
An MIT professor found his name on two papers with which he had no connection.

Another Week - Another Poop Article

Poopsicles: Meteorologist warns icicle eaters are likely licking bird feces
An Iowa meteorologist is imploring the public to refrain from munching on icicles this winter as she claims they're full of feces. She posted the poopy PSA on TikTok, where it currently boasts over 1.5 million views.

Then There’s This

Chest Hair Art Is The Perfect Self-Expression During The Quarantine
While most people turn to Netflix during the lockdown, others unleash their creativity. It’s time to show the world your chest hair art skills and join these fine men featured here!

A black-footed ferret has been cloned, a first for a U.S. endangered species
A black-footed ferret that died more than 30 years ago has been cloned using preserved cells, which could help inject diversity into the inbred, endangered population.