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Frosted Flakes: Young Muggles Learning The Ways of Harry Potter and Valentine Cockroaches

Three Former Huskers Head to the Super Bowl

Animal adoptions in the zoo Photo by Julian Stratenschulte/picture alliance via Getty Images

At the request of my children, I started reading Harry Potter to them a few months ago. They are almost 7 and 4, so I thought it was kind of young, but since they requested I obliged.

Throughout the first book my oldest listened fairly intently, while my youngest did his best to play around and not really listen. The best listener of all was my husband. He doesn’t like to read but did really enjoy hearing the story.

During the second book, my oldest started to get worried that Harry, Hermione, and Ron would get in trouble when they drank the poly juice potion and he could hardly stand for me to read it. We even took a break for a couple weeks since he had lost interest, but I decided we would finish the book and then wait a year or more before moving on to the third one.

After we finished the second book, we watched the movies. They were really into them and so excited that they were familiar with what was happening as they’d heard it in the books. My oldest did comment that the movies left out things that had happened in the books and I told him that’s why the book is always better than the movie. (I’m one of those people.)

Now after much begging by my four year old, we have started the third book. He now sits intently while his brother cowers behind his dad with just a little bit of fear that Harry will be in trouble again.

I am obviously very excited about their newfound love for Harry Potter, but am thinking we may have to take some time to get to the end of the series. Some of the later books are a lot darker and I’m just not sure they’ll be ready for them.

Now here are your muggle flakes.


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In Case You’re Bitter On Valentine’s Day

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Well this is cool!