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Frosted Flakes: Kusche Sets Mile Record, Neanderthal Poop and a Very Good Dog

That guy made a guitar out of what?!?

NCAA Division I Women’s Volleyball Championship Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

Frosted Flakes

Pierce football player receives D1 offer from Iowa State - NORTHEAST - NEWS CHANNEL NEBRASKA
One of the fastest-rising programs in college football wants a northeast Nebraska athlete to join its team.

This is just down the road from me. It is great to see a small town kid get noticed.

Huskers Turn In Top-10 Performances at Ohio, Iowa - University of Nebraska
The Nebraska track and field team began competition at both the SPIRE Big Ten Invitational in Geneva, Ohio and the Hawkeye B1G Invitational in Iowa City, Iowa on

Kusche Breaks Mile School Record in Ohio - University of Nebraska
Nebraska track and field junior George Kusche broke his own mile school record to highlight the second day of action at the SPIRE Big Ten Invitational on Saturday.

Kusche will have quite a few records before he is done at Nebraska.

Steven M. Sipple: As Moos expresses confidence in Hoiberg, a former Husker sees red flags | Column |
Ex-Husker sharp-shooter Cary Cochran on NU’s poor free-throw shooting: “It’s a matter of discipline. At the end of the day you have to have guts.”

Everything fell into place for former Husker Kelly Hunter to play professionally again | Volleyball |
Kelly Hunter doesn’t know if this is her last opportunity to play professionally, but her goal isn’t to play for the rest of her life. She’s committed to serving as...

Sportsin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

From potato fields to Pinehurst: How a boy from America’s poorest reservation became a hero to his people through golf | Golf News and Tour Information | Golf Digest
That Lance Christensen, a 17-year-old from a South Dakota reservation, has become a standout high school golfer is a story of passion and perseverance

This is a remarkable story about a young man who has found a way to pursue his passion and stay in his local community.

Daytona 500: Michael Jordan now a major player for NASCAR
In a sport in desperate need of fans and a boost of cool, the NBA icon gives it some legitimate juice.

Stanford and the fight to save discontinued Olympic NCAA sports - Sports Illustrated
At Stanford and other schools, athletes of discontinued NCAA sports teams are pushing back—and raising money in the process.

Chris Doyle: Urban Meyer admits bad decision as his coach resigns - Sports Illustrated
In this weekend's hot clicks, Urban Meyer’s irresponsible hire (and sad excuse), Tennessee's excessive recruiting tactics (and violations) and more.

No. 3 Michigan Wolverines rally to win in first game since 3-week COVID-19 layoff
No. 3 Michigan returned from a three-week COVID-19 layoff and rallied from a 14-point deficit to beat No. 21 Wisconsin on Sunday.

Another Week - Another Poop Article

Oldest DNA from poop contains a Neanderthal’s microbiome | Ars Technica
The Neanderthal microbiome wasn’t so different from ours, a recent study suggests.

More Noise and Other Disturbances

Herd of calves stroll Indiana highway after escaping a farm
LaPORTE, Ind. (AP) — A herd of about 75 Holstein calves barreled down an Indiana highway after escaping a nearby farm. Capt. Derek Allen, an off-duty officer who happened to be nearby in his...

Fortunately not our cows...

The Crooked Forest In Poland is an Unsolved Mystery | Travel and Exploration | Discovery
Learn about the theories behind Poland's Crooked Forest at

These trees are pretty amazing.

Why do the queen's guards wear such tall hats? | Live Science
The queen's guards wear tall, bearskin helmets to look more fearsome on the battlefield.

The Celebrity Tortoise Breakup That Rocked the World - Atlas Obscura
Bibi and Poldi, who live at the Reptilienzoo Happ in Klagenfurt, Austria, were a perfect match.

Strippers, Insane Asylums, Assassination, and Termites: Inside the Insane History of the World’s Greatest White House Replica
Governor Huey Long was so anxious to get to the White House that he built his own in Baton Rouge. An assassin’s bullet cut short Long’s ambitions, but his gaudy knock-off survives.

Are People Falling in Love With Their Peloton Instructors? - InsideHook
Twitter thirst would suggest yes. But the pheonomenon's happening for all the right reasons. We break down the "Peloton crush."

Tattoo artists share the common request many of them will refuse to do - Mirror Online
Tattoo artists have been replying to a thread on Reddit asking which designs they have turned down when a client comes into the studio - and many said they will refuse one popular request

Instead of fire at NC restaurant, firefighters find ‘hardworking staff’ making 10,000 wings for Super Bowl | WJHL | Tri-Cities News & Weather
Firefighters called to a North Carolina restaurant fire Saturday found instead that the "hardworking staff" was making thousands of wings for the Super Bowl.

Tennessee man leaves $5 million to dog in his will: 'She’s a good girl' | Fox News
When Tennessee businessman Bill Dorris died late last year, the 84-year-old left $5 million to his 8-year-old border collie, Lulu.

That is a very good dog.

New wearable device turns the body into a battery | CU Boulder Today | University of Colorado Boulder
A team of engineers has developed a new device that you can wear like a ring or bracelet and that harvests energy from your own body heat.

Then There’s This

‘It’s pretty metal,’ says man who turned his uncle’s skeleton into a guitar | CBC Radio
A Florida musician says turning his dead uncle’s skeleton into a sick guitar was “the best way to honour” the man who first introduced him to heavy metal.

I can’t even imagine coming up with this idea for a guitar, much less actually getting it done.