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Nebrasketball: Schedule Changes Swap In East Coast Swing Next Week

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The scheduling punches keep rolling in as the Nebraska Cornhuskers continue to find creative ways in conjunction with the Big Ten office to make up the six games the program missed following a COVID-19 outbreak among players and personnel. The latest shift now moves the schedule to include eight games in 15 days, including a back-to-back series.

The latest change covers the ground lost with Nebraska’s cancelled game at Maryland on Jan. 16. The Huskers were set to play game two of the season against the Maryland Terrapins in Lincoln next Wednesday, Feb. 17. With Nebraska needing to make up a game against the Terps in College Park and scheduled to play in State College, PA Sunday against the Penn State Nittany Lions, the Big Ten decided to save everyone some airline charter costs and have the Huskers stick around the lovely . . . well, okay so it isn’t really the 95-corridor and they will probably fly down to a DC metro region airport regardless.

So Nebraska will instead play back-to-back games in College Park on Tuesday and Wednesday instead of forcing the Terps to fly out to Lincoln for game two or try and pigeon hole a flight out to College Park into the Huskers already cramped schedule that features no remaining opponent road game, scheduled or to be made-up, further east than West Lafayette, IN. The Terps, meanwhile, have one game at Northwestern remaining on the schedule and otherwise have three games left in College Park besides the Huskers and a road trip to Rutgers remaining over the final days of the schedule.

All of this jumbling and games over the past week and a half will make up two games and leave four more remaining. The adjusted schedule over the coming days is below:

Nebraska Updated Schedule (Feb. 12-20)

  • Fri. (Feb. 12): vs. No. 6 Illinois, 8 p.m. (BTN)
  • Sun. (Feb. 14): at Penn State, 2 p.m. CT (BTN)
  • Tues. (Feb. 16): at Maryland, 6 p.m. CT (BTN)
  • Wed. (Feb. 17): at Maryland, 6 p.m. CT (BTN)
  • Sat. (Feb. 20): vs. No. 24 Purdue, TBA (BTN)

For transportation nerds, read on for a dumb section about road routes I wrote and then debated cutting and instead just moved to the bottom.

You’d take either I-95 to the Baltimore I-695 beltway to then go up I-83 before finishing the trek on US-22 then US-322 or you’d take the DC I-495 beltway to I-270, then I-70, and finally I-99. That’s the route to State College from College Park, MD that is. From DC proper you are more likely to take the BW-Parkway if going the Baltimore-Harrisburg route as I can attest from experience having just taken it yet again on my birthday back in December to cover MSU at PSU football from the press box. The birthday age was about as fun as the final game results. All of that is moot for the team anyways as they probably will fly into BWI and thus take the BW Parkway, though might end up at an alternate DC metro region airport.