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Five Heart Podcast Ep. 257: Volleyball and Football. Yin and Yang

This episode is divided into two parts for your convenience.

Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

This week on a very special Five Heart Podcast (it’s a day early, y’all), Todd and Greg are talking with our very own Beth Merrigan about volleyball as the Huskers play Illinois in the Sweet Sixteen tonight. Beth provides insight that we should all appreciate now while it’s free because eventually someone is going to actually pay her for her knowledge and analysis. She says she’s not going anywhere, but Jon can’t compete financially with the big dogs.

In other words - we are so thankful for Beth and can’t wait to watch Nebraska and Illinois lock up tonight in Austin.

Then after a quick commercial timeout, Greg is joined by two other Corn Nation writers, Tyler and Brian, to discuss the hiring of Mark Whipple and Donovan Raiola as Offensive Coordinator and O-Line Coach respectively. They two also offer brief thoughts on the Mickey Joseph hire from last week.

And there’s plenty of speculation regarding visiting quarterbacks to Lincoln from the Transfer Portal. So we discuss a few of those names, all of whom would be relatively welcome in Lincoln (at least until that first INT or fumble - editor’s notes).

Enjoy the show. Our sincere apologies that this one isn’t on YouTube this week. But we’ll make it up to you someday...maybe.