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Frosted Flakes: The Perfect Hot Chocolate, Lickable TVs and Regifted Candy

Plus - Husker football recruiting, NFL trolling and Christmas gift fun

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Groups Hand Out Hot Chocolate And Desserts For MLK Day In Reading Pennsylvania Photo by Ben Hasty/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images

Agreed. The only hot chocoloate worth making is made with milk.

Yes, I grew up on a dairy farm. I believed milk was the center of the food universe for a lot of things. But I’m definitely right here. Making hot chocolate with water is not worth wasting the time or ingredients.

What is the perfect cup of hot chocolate for you?

Frosted Flakes

Nebraska director of player development Marcus Castro-Walker leaving for Florida | Football |
Marcus Castro-Walker, the staff member who stood near Nebraska coach Scott Frost wearing sunglasses during games, has left for a new position at Florida, according to his Twitter profile.

Nebraska Football: 3 best QB options for Huskers in transfer portal
Nebraska football has been mining the transfer portal for a new starting quarterback and here are the three best options available.

For Emmett Johnson, the goal is far more than to just play for the Huskers
Emmett Johnson isn’t going to waste many words now on those programs that didn’t blow up his phone during the recruiting...

Steven M. Sipple: Nebraska gets gem in Joseph, who paid serious dues to reach this point | National |
Some players expect to be given high-paying coaching jobs based on their playing experience, and not much else. Mickey Joseph is the antithesis of that mindset.

The perfect family Christmas: Amy Williams not the only one in the Gusso family undefeated this season | Huskers |
That both Nebraska and Minnesota State, coached by sister Emilee Thiesse, are winning a lot this season has been “awesome,” Williams says.

Huskers Dominated Defensively in 2021 Led by ‘Legion of Boom’ - Nebraska Volleyball - Hail Varsity
The trio of Lexi Rodriguez, Kenzie Knuckles and Keonilei Akana formed the backbone of one of the best defenses in the country this season.

Spoiler: The Legion of Boom is NOT the hitters.

Sportin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

Fenway Bowl, Military Bowl canceled after COVID-19 at UVA, BC - Sports Illustrated
Rising COVID-19 cases will shut down two bowl games this week.

The Oregon Trail’s 50th Anniversary: Interviews & Retrospective
A look back on one of the most iconic and grueling games to hit the classroom computer

Steelers fans annoyed CBS switches from Chiefs to Raiders taking knees
The Steelers game was so bad that CBS moved to a more competitive one with approximately 10 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter.

Odell Beckham Jr. trolls Justin Jefferson moments after Vikings WR breaks his receiving record
With his third catch against the Los Angeles Rams early in the third quarter, Jefferson tallied the 2,758th receiving yard of his young NFL career. The Vikings receiver did so while beating All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey on a route over the middle.

More Noise and Other Disturbances

Man Searches Through Landfill For 8 Years For $350 Million Lost Bitcoin Wallet | IFLScience
Over the past eight years, James Howells has been crawling through mounds of rubbish in the hunt for his $350 million needle in a haystack – a haystack the

Sixth grader gives classmate the Heimlich and saves a woman from a house fire in the same day | NPR
The 11 year old had a very busy day.

The peril of "normal" Christmas activities in space - BBC Future
Raw turkey, rogue baubles and pine needles, everywhere – here's how not to have a traditional Christmas in space.

What is the funniest gift you have gotten?

The Tradition That Keeps My Grandmother's Memory Alive - The Atlantic
How sending 100-pound care packages to family in the Philippines became a cherished diasporic practice

Good news from 2021: Stories that made us smile, celebrate, hope
There was good news this year, from a patient cured of HIV, a 105-year-old runner setting a record and a missing dog saving a family from a fire.

Products you own that started off as useless junk | CBC Radio
How Vaseline, rubber bands, IKEA furniture and other everyday products started out life completely worthless.

Turns Out Bullshitters Can Be Bullshitted
I’m extremely gullible and easily persuaded. I know without a doubt that if I got put into one of those timeshare seminars, I’d leave with a timeshare.

Sorry Corn Nation - the article above is the closest thing I could find to a poop article this week.

Then There’s This

Taste the TV: Japan invents lickable screen to imitate food flavours | Japan | The Guardian
Prototype uses carousel of canisters to create flavour samples on hygienic film over flatscreen TV

Sweet repeat: Brothers regift same hard candy for decades | AP News
MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — Two New Hampshire brothers have gotten their holiday regifting skills down to an art — they’ve been passing the same hard candy back and forth for over 30 years. It started in 1987, when Ryan Wasson gave a 10-roll Frankford “Santa’s Candy Book” with assorted fruit flavors to his brother, Eric Wasson, as a joke for Christmas, knowing that Eric wouldn’t like it.