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Thursday Flakes: When Lord of the Rings and 9/11 Somehow Meet

Coronavirus street arts in Germany Photo by Abdulhamid Hosbas/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

No, this is not a sad story.

I am a high school basketball coach and two nights ago before one of our games I was reading the book “The Two Towers” by J.R.R. Tolkien. A couple of my freshmen basketball players came up to me and the following conversation happened.

Freshman A: “Hey coach, what are you reading?”
Me: (Turning the book so he could see the front cover)
Freshman A: “Oh, is that about 9/11?”
Me: “What? No. That’s the twin towers.”
Freshman B: “Oh so is it a Osama Bin Laden book?”

Then we had a discussion about reading, 9/11 and Lord of the Rings.

So that’s my story about how LOTR and 9/11 met on a cold Tuesday night in southeast Nebraska.

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