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Frosted Flakes: Cats and Christmas Trees Do Not Mix

Plus the Husker women’s basketball team is 11-0. Are you on the bandwagon yet?

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Animals Snack On Post-Christmas Delights At Berlin Zoo
This is what our cat thinks he looks like when attacking the Christmas tree
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Good Monday Morning Corn Nation! I hope this article finds you all well and planning some fun activities (or recovering from them) with family for Christmas celebrations.

Our Christmas tree and decorations are quite sparse this year. Ranchhand 3 wanted a housecat for Christmas last year. Teddy came into the house on December 22 and was recovering from neutering, so he didn’t bother the tree much last year.

This year however...

As soon as the tree was upstairs Teddy immediately tried to climb it. He also was determined to grab the shiny gold beads wrapped in the banches. We put one present under the tree to see how Teddy would react.

He immediately attacked and relished tearing at the paper until we took it away.

All of the presents are now stacked on the dining room table.

I can hardly wait until we unwrap gifts. Teddy is going to be in cat heaven with boxes, wrapping paper balls and bows everywhere.

But in the meantime, we have a sad, plain tree sitting in the living room with two strings of lights and some gold beads that are becoming more and more askew every day.

Frosted Flakes

If you haven’t been paying attention, the Husker women’s basketball team is 11-0 and ranked #5 in the NET rankings. They have been receiving votes in both polls and with every win are getting harder to keep out of the rankings. I think the low strength of schedule has most voters waiting to see if the Huskers are a mirage. Yesterday, Nebraska put a 20 point win up on Drake, although early in the fourth quarter the lead was only six. Drake is not a pushover team (#66 in NET).

The Huskers best win still remains the one they clawed out over Creighton (#37 NET). I am becoming more convinced that this team is going to surprise people in the Big Ten, but am not predicting a conference championship yet. There are four B1G teams that are likely sweet 16 contenders while the Huskers are looking to get invited to the dance and grab a tourney win (the first of Amy William’s tenure with Nebraska). I love the growing confidence, depth and grittiness I am seeing from the women’s team. Go Big Red!

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Nebraska associate head coach Tyler Hildebrand will return to his alma mater as the head women’s volleyball coach at Long Beach State, it was announced Sunday evening.

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Nebraska Libero Lexi Rodriguez named AVCA Freshman of the Year
Nebraska freshman Lexi Rodriguez’s awards haul continued Friday morning, as the libero was honored as the 2021 AVCA National Freshman of the Year.

Sportin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

NCAA to pay officials same in both basketball tournaments
The NCAA will pay basketball officials for the women’s tournament the same amount it pays the officials for the men’s competition.

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NBA, NBPA agree to allow teams short-handed by COVID-19 to sign replacement players, memo says
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Another Week - Another Poop Article

Fecal Transplant Discovery Could Improve Care for Dangerous Infections
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More Noise and Other Disturbances

Is Your Cat a Psychopath? Take This Test and Find Out | Mental Floss
Science supports what we've long suspected: Cats can exhibit psychopathic tendencies. This online test can measure just how dangerous they really are.

It is not a coincidence that this article is in Flakes on the same day I write about our cat’s Christmas tree obsession...

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Surprising discovery shows scale of plastic pollution and reveals enzymes that could boost recycling

It is interesting, and potentially terrifying that microbes could start eating plastic.

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Two escaped zebras on the loose in Maryland have been safely captured : NPR
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Then There’s This

Reality TV Star Makes $45K Per Week Selling Farts In A Jar | IFLScience
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Sweden's most endangered Christmas decorations burnt, again | AP News
COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — The two straw goats of Gavle , Sweden's most endangered Christmas decorations, have gone up in flames after surviving nearly a month on a downtown square.