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Friday Flakes: Appreciation for the OPPD, LES and All Other Crews Restoring Power After Wednesday’s Wind Storm

Not only after the wind storm but going forward into the winter.

KRC Genk v Sporting Charleroi - Jupiler Pro League Photo by Vincent Kalut / Photonews via Getty Images

I just got back power at home so this Flakes will be short.

I appreciate everybody from OPPD, LES and all the other screws throughout the region who are putting in work to get power back to those in our communities.


No Matter What It Is...This Too Shall Pass


Luka Doncic and Rick Carlisle - The dissolution of their relationship; what comes next for the Dallas Mavericks
The Mavericks are 27 games into an effort to clear three seasons' worth of dysfunction, tension and blowups under former coach Rick Carlisle.

Frost says current Husker QBs eager to compete – portal addition or not
Scott Frost's current Husker quarterbacks know the deal.

"I've sat down with every player after the season, this last week, and talked to those guys and they know we're looking for one," Nebraska's head coach said Thursday night during an appearance on the 'Sports Nightly' radio show. "We may get one, we may not. I feel good about what we have in that room, and I think both of those guys are really anxious to learn some new stuff and from a new guy, and I think they're looking forward to the competition whether there's a new one or not."

Martinez announces where he'll play his final season
Former Nebraska quarterback Adrian Martinez announced on Thursday night he will spend his final season at Kansas State.

K-State had seemed a likely destination for Martinez since he announced he is transferring from the Husker program, with it also reported by 247Sports that the QB would explore a visit to Cal.

Teivis Tuioti, son of Husker assistant, receives Nebraska offer
Teivis Tuioti has already had plenty of in-home visits with the program offering him on Thursday night.

How the new Husker additions immediately fit into the current roster
While it's a smaller recruiting class and lower in ranking than usual, what matters most is how the selected pieces added on this early signing day fit into a Husker roster that is already had what Scott Frost has called the "young core" he believes can help turn Nebraska football to the winner's circle.

Shatel: Nebraska offensive coordinator Mark Whipple isn’t fazed by anything | Football |
Here comes the blitz.

Mark Whipple has seen a few. This one is armed with cameras and phones and tape recorders, a rather large group of Nebraska media heading directly to Whipple’s table in the Memorial Stadium press box.

Ex-Husker Armstrong joins North Star's staff as offensive coordinator | High School Football |
If Lincoln North Star's football players need a scouting report on their new offensive coordinator, they won't have to look far.

There are plenty of highlights on YouTube, including a 99-yard touchdown pass in the Gator Bowl.

9 jobs Urban Meyer could take next after he was fired by Jaguars -
Urban Meyer is out as Jaguars head coach, and it’s time for the football coach to find a new career. It’s not like Meyer needs to work, I mean, the dude has been paid ludicrous amounts of money for much of his adult life, but money doesn’t always mean you’re content.

Meyer taught a class on leadership at Ohio State, so naturally he has interests outside of football — so let’s find him a new career.

Jaguars head coaching search: 5 potential coaches to replace Urban Meyer -
That’s an uphill battle to face, and I think the answer is locked in trying to go young, energetic, and positive. Everything Meyer was not with his time on the Jaguars. So, to this end I’ve isolated tk people who could take on the job, and potentially do it really well.


6 Filipino Christmas traditions to inspire your own celebrations
With Christmas Day fast upon us, you may be looking for unique ways to honor Christ’s birth — or you may just love hearing how other cultures celebrate such an important time in the Church calendar.

So take a look at some of these beautiful traditions from southeast Asia, where the faithful take great joy in preparing for Christ’s birth as early as September, culminating in a wonderful family feast on Christmas Eve.

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