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Five Heart Podcast Ep. 258: MBB Is Tough, Volleyball Is Great And You Get Whatever You Want Out of Recruiting

Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

This time it’s Greg and I for this episode of the Five Heart Podcast because Todd chose to go hide in his basement instead of join us.

I’m still in Texas. I am living in a RV in Dallas in my brother’s yard. I had one brother in Austin, another in Dallas. The brother in Austin (Georgetown) is gone now, dying of colon cancer a very short time after his initial diagnosis. Mrs CN and I flew to Dallas to attend his service, now I’m back in Dallas doing IT work for another week.

Last Friday we went to Waco, which was interesting, particularly the “Seige of Waco” site. You get a story about that visit that is rather... weird.

Greg and I review the volleyball team’s success, the men’s basketball team suck, and then head into Nebraska football recruiting. There’s some good, there’s some bad.

Some key points about this recruiting class:

  • Name a play who can help Nebraska immediately next season. (There isn’t one...)
  • You can make this case this is a terrible class and the portal is not helping Nebraska get bettter
  • You can make the case Nebraska picked up some key players in the class AND the portal