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Nebraska Football: AD Trev Alberts Issues Statement in Support of Frost As Frost Agrees To Restructured Contract

Nebraska Athletic Directors issues statement in support of Scott Frost. Frost also issues a statement stating he knows he has not won at a high enough level.

Michigan v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Well there you have it folks.

Nebraska Athletic Director issues a statement in support of Scott Frost as they enter the bye week. As it stands, it appears that Frost will at least be the Nebraska football coach in 2022. The timing of the statement is beneficial as the coaches will be on the road recruiting this week and the early signing period will be creeping up upon us.

This likely will tame the fires, though no put them completely out, about whether Frost should be retained as the Nebraska football coach for one more season.

It should be noted that as stated in Alberts’ statement it appears Frost has agreed to restructure his contract. How has changed will come out eventually but as of this time that change is unknown.

Here is the full statement from Trev Alberts:

“In my four months at Nebraska, I have closely observed our football team, and had several productive discussions with Coach Frost. Scott has laid out a clear plan and vision for the future of Nebraska Football and has agreed to a restructured contract. I am excited to continue to work together with Scott. We share a love of Nebraska and this football program and want nothing more than Nebraska Football to again compete for championships.

“We all recognize our record has not been what anyone wants it to be. I have been clear that I have been looking for incremental progress, and I have seen that in several key areas this season. Our team has continued to compete at a high level and the young men in our program have remained unified and shown great resiliency, which is an important reflection of the leadership of Coach Frost and his staff.”

Here is the full statement from Scott Frost:

“I appreciate the confidence Trev Alberts has shown in me to continue to lead this program. I love this state, this football program and am honored and humbled for the opportunity to serve as the head coach at my alma mater. Our immediate focus is on the two games ahead against Wisconsin and Iowa, and the opportunity in front of us to build momentum heading into the offseason and 2022. I understand we have not won at a high enough level, but I am confident our football program will continue to take steps forward.”