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Corn Nation’s Big Ten Rankings - Week 11

Indiana v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

There’s OSU and everyone else. Just like most seasons. The top 6 or 7 are decent teams but anything below that is a bit of a mess. There are some decent teams, but not great teams. I guess you could say that for most conferences. I mean, I feel weird putting Rutgers and Maryland so high, but it’s also head scratching to try and figure out where to put Minnesota now.

  • Iowa is back to their winning ways. Maybe they can keep Floyd of Rosedale in Iowa City for one more year as Minnesota comes to town on Saturday.
  • Yeah, Ohio State’s offense struggled against Nebraska’s defense. Most teams this year have had that problem. I wouldn’t knock the Buckeyes for that.
  • Purdue, don’t play them if you are good.
  • James Franklin seems like he is ready to move on and Penn State seems to feel the same. I’m not out there in Happy Valley, but that’s kind of the vibe that’s coming off.
  • We all knew Michigan State would lose at least one or two games by the end of the year. Just did not realize it was going to be to Purdue.

1. Ohio State (8-1 Overall 6-0 Big Ten)

There’s clamoring for offensive change in Columbus. Oh, the problems of a top 5 team.

2. Wisconsin (6-3 Overall 4-2 Big Ten)

You are here because you keep winning and I am a little lost on who to put after Ohio State.

3. Michigan (8-1 Overall 5-1 Big Ten)

I put you here because we have not heard from many Spartan fans lately.

4. Purdue (6-3 Overall 4-2 Big Ten)

Purdue, I just don’t know what to do with you. I honestly thought you would be coach shopping at the end of this season but that might turn into a raise and extension if you keep knocking down power programs. For now, you are #4. Congrats!

5. Michigan State (8-1 Overall 5-1 Big Ten)

First loss of the season. At least you have Maryland next weekend.

6. Iowa (7-2 Overall 4-2 Big Ten)

After two straight losses you eked out a win against Northwestern. Good luck against Minnesota next week. They might just take your bacon.

7. Penn State (6-3 Overall 3-3 Big Ten)

Came out strong in the end and beat Maryland. Not sure if this coach is ready to go else where or if Penn State is also looking for something new. Something just doesn’t feel right.

8. Illinois (4-6 Overall 3-4 Big Ten)

Bret has the name of certain teams in this conference. I guess Minnesota is now one of them. Are they going to snake bite Iowa too?

9. Minnesota (6-3 Overall 4-2 Big Ten)

Dude, after I talk you up and you go and make me look like a fool against Illinois. Not cool PJ, not cool. Please send me some Red’s Savoy pizza to make up for it.

10. Nebraska (3-7 Overall 1-6 Big Ten)

Hey, think we could get a mini fridge for the basement?

11. Maryland (5-4 Overall 2-4 Big Ten)

I still haven’t watched you play. No clue what’s going on here. Just assuming you’re better than what’s below.

12. Rutgers (4-5 Overall 1-5 Big Ten)

Did that hurt? Because Wisconsin beat you like a drum.

13. Northwestern (3-6 Overall 1-5 Big Ten)

I still say this team will win the West in 2022.

14. Indiana (2-7 Overall 0-6 Big Ten)

Indiana, at least you made Michigan kick field goals. That’s something to be proud of. I’d say basketball season starts this week but that really means nothing to you this year either.